How to find what you are looking for.

We have many useful tools on our website to help you find exactly what you are looking for. There are two boxes near the top of the homepage; "I want to throw a party" and "I want to dress up like". These are easy to use search tools that help you quickly find party items to suit particular themes and occasions.

"I Want to Throw a Party"

Using the drop down in this box allows you to see our current list of party themes. Selecting one from the list and pressing the "Go" button will send you directly to our themed category page which includes all of the products we stock for that particular occasion.

"I Want to Dress up Like"

If you are looking for a particular costume then this search tool is great. Simply type what you want to be in the first box for example nurse or pirate and then select from the drop down whether you wish to be shown everything (men's, ladies' and children's costumes and accessories) or you can specify the Gender or age range you are looking to buy for and click "Go"!

The website will then return a list of costumes and accessories based on your inputs.

The Left Hand Navigation Menu

If you are planning a party and need to find fancy dress, decorations and tableware the best way to find everything you need is to browse the sections in the left hand menu. You will find calendar events such as St Valentines or Christmas in Seasonal Calendar Events, events such as Beach Party or Medieval in the Themed Parties and if you are planning an International event such as an Italian evening the best place to look is in International Events.

The Top Left Search Box

If you are looking for something specific then it may be quicker to use this search box and then if necessary narrow your search.

Your search terms must be at least 3 letters long. Searching for "in" or "I" will not return any results.

To increase the amount of results:

Check your spelling: 'pirate' is not spelled 'priate' and it's 'Elvis Presley' not 'Elvis Presle'
Use fewer words: Try 'Pirate Hat' or 'Pirate Carribbean' not 'Pirates Of The Carribbean Hat'.
Use spaces: Try 'police man' and 'policeman' or 'Pop Star' and 'Popstar'
Use single words: Try 'police'. Our search engine likes short simple queries.
Use singluar and not plural: Use 'pirate' and not 'pirates'
Do not use operators: Exclude 'the', 'and', 'a' from the search.
And what about &: Try 'Batman & Robin' and 'Batman and Robin'
Use character names not film names: Try 'Gandalf' not 'Lord of the Rings'

To narrow the results:

Use more specific or concise words: Use 'pistol' rather than 'gun'
Use exact phrase: Try 'pink wig' not 'wig'

Still having problems?

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