American Cardboard Cutouts

American Cardboard Cutouts
From Vegas parties, to political debates, you will find a Cardboard Cutout in an American theme to suit your needs here. Whether you wish to have a human, character or landmark standing up at your party, we have the variety here! We have included some iconic American characters, but for more film, TV and music stars check out the main cardboard cut outs page!
A popular choice is the life-size Buzz Aldrin astronaut cutout, which is ideal if you are having a space party too.
The other Cardboard Cutout favourites include American president Barack Obama in life-size height and looking very smart, the Statue of Liberty cutout and Welcome to Las Vegas cutout signpost, ideal for American as well as Casino themed parties.
We also sell a range of Classic Car coloured cutouts, for adults and children. We assure these will inspire a lot of driving photographs at any party!
If none of these cutouts float your boat, scroll down to the bottom and you will see that we sell photo props, which you stick your head through to get a fun American themed photo.

Cardboard Cutouts are freestanding and add a focal point to any display.
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