Anniversaries Send a Balloon

Anniversaries Send a Balloon
Anniversaries are an important monumental event. Why not surprise a loved one or someone special with a balloon sent to their front door?
The three significant anniversaries are covered; a Golden 50th Anniversary balloon, a Ruby Red 40th Anniversary balloon and the Silver 25th Anniversary balloon. Each balloon has elegant font on it and a pretty design around the number.
We also sell a lilac 60th Anniversary balloon.
These balloon presents are a fun and exciting surprise to commemorate two peoples Wedding.
Simply add your chosen balloon to your basket and upon checkout write in the ?notes? section what you would like your added card message to say?

The balloons have helium in to keep them up straight and they are delivered neatly in Party Packs boxes. See our Balloon Accessories for different shaped weights to tie on the bottom of the balloons.
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