Balloon Weights

Balloon Weights
When you are using helium-filled balloons, balloon weights are essential to keep them in place and prevent them from flying away! We stock many different types of balloon weights in a range of different colours, shapes, sizes and finishes. Our plain colour weights come in bangle, foil wrap, star or double heart designs, and these designs are assorted in every colour of the rainbow! The larger weights are suitable for keeping more than one balloon or a larger supershape design well grounded. We also have a large variety of themed balloon holders for many different events and occasions that are sure to provide those cute extra motifs at your event! For more than one balloon, you'll need a larger foil wrap, star or double heart-shaped balloon weight to keep them grounded and for those big birthdays we have a striking range of numbered balloon weights! In keeping with our popular birthday glitz ranges we also have a full range of glitzy blue, black and pink weights that will be sure to make any balloon look extra special and these are assorted in number and birthday message designs.

Be sure to combine these weights with our pretty balloon ribbon and don't forget your helium too!
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