Cardboard Cutouts

Cardboard Cutouts
Cardboard Cutouts are the perfect party decoration. Imagine a life size cardboard version of Beyonce, The Queen or Olaf standing in the corner of your party. It will definitely make for great fun and even better photos.

We have a vast range of cutouts and standups for you to choose from, our selection includes timeless classics from Film and TV including Frozen, Batman and Harry Potter, Musicians from then and now such as Elvis Presley and Justin Bieber, British cutouts including Politicians and The Royal Family, Disney characters, Sports Personalities, and even Halloween cutouts.

We also have a range of options for Personalised Cutouts of you or your friends, including mini desktop versions! These will be perfect for any occasion.

Browse this section and we're sure you will find the perfect cutout for adding abundant fun to your event!
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