Plain Colour Latex Balloons

Plain Colour Latex Balloons
All of our latex balloons are made from natural latex and are 100% biodegradable. Our fantastic range includes a great variety of colours in all different shades, sizes, quantities, finishes and assortments. Simply fill with air or helium and use for any kind of event to incorporate colour and an abundance of decorative fun that will compliment any party theme!

Perfect for many different occasions, these balloons will be also be great for balloon races.
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Plain Balloons - Packs of 10

Plain Balloons - Packs of 100

Pearlised Balloons - Packs of 8

Metallic Balloons - Packs of 50

Assorted Packs of Balloons

Marble Balloons

Giant Balloons

Mini 5" Balloons - Pack of 10