Stand-In Photo Props

Stand-In Photo Props
Here is our great new range of Photo Props. All you have to do it stand the prop up, stand behind the prop, stick your head through the hole provided and you will be transported anywhere!

For photo booth kits, see our Photo Booth Props page.

You could be winning an award on stage, stuck behind bars, driving a tractor at a farm, swinging through the trees in the jungle, surfing a wave, be the star of a wanted poster or sitting on a throne as a king or queen and many more.
These prop up photo displays are perfect for any themed party or event such as birthdays and seasonal events.

Remember to make your facial expression fit in with your image. For example the photo prop that involves a divers unintentional run in with a shark should mean your face looks terrified, right?!

We also sell a few that you are unable to put your head into because they are just image photo props such as a fireplace or a boom box, the pot-o-gold for St. Patricks Day and the Witches Cauldron perfect for Halloween.
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Stand-In Photo Props