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    Decorate your venue with ease with our fantastic Burns night party pack! Including banners, balloons, tartan bunting, flags and even some Scottish hats! This pack will make it easy for you to have a ball at your Burns night supper.

    2 x Burns Night Scroll Flag Paper Bunting 2.4m
    2 x Burns Night Scroll A3 Poster
    1 x Red Tartan Flag Paper Bunting 2.4m
    1 x Burns Night Scroll Banner 1.2m
    1 x Red Tartan Burns Night Poetry Banner 2.4m
    2 x Burns Night Latex Balloons 10" Pack of 10
    6 x Burns Night Paper Scroll Table Flag
    2 x Wooden Flag Holder for 3 Flags
    2 x Green Paper Rosette
    2 x Red Paper Rosette
    2 x Blue Paper Rosette
    2 x Green Crepe Streamer 25m
    2 x Red Crepe Streamer 25m
    2 x Blue Crepe Streamer 25m
    1 x St Andrews Cloth Flag 5ft x 3ft
    25 x Scottish Card Hats
    1 x Burns Scottish Quiz
    1 x Scottish Ideas Sheet with Burns Poetry
    1 x Tom O'Shanter Jumbo Hat with Hair


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Burns Night Party Decoration Pack includes:

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