10 best costumes for World Book Day 2017

10 best costumes for World Book Day 2017

It's that time of year again when we celebrate everything books. World Book Day is a great way to promote reading to our younger generations. We also acknowledge the fantastic authors and publishers that have created the many stories and worlds that we indulge in throughout the year. World Book Day is celebrated on the 2nd March. So don't get caught out this year, sending your little one to school in a dodgy, homemade, thrown together costume- that you were up until 3am making... (obviously you were only reminded of this ever so important day during story time the night before.) Whether it's Animals, Princesses, Giants or Gruffalo's, we have it covered with our 10 best book character costumes.  

1. Jungle Book

  World Book Day Jungle Book Jungle Book Fancy Dress Ideas   Dooby Doo…I wanna be like you ooh ooh. With the recent adaptation of Rudyard Kipling’s, Jungle Book featuring the adventures of man-cub Mowgli and friends, this one is sure to be a popular one. Animal dress ups are always a winner. Whoever they want to be like, whether it’s the, Black Cat Bagira, the , Tiger Shere Khan or the Mischievous Monkeys. We have a choice of great Jungle Book themed costumes for World Book Day. Monkey Costume                                     Black Cat Costume                                        Tiger Costume    


World Book Day BFG The BFG     Ideal for World Book Day is one from everyone’s favourite, Roald Dahl. And with the newest film hitting last year this Big Friendly Giant costume from the book BFG will be perfect! Includes a white top with attached waistcoat, green trousers with belt, big ears on a headband and a horn. Sure to get you the best costume award at school! BFG Fancy Dress costume    

 3. Alice in Wonderland

World Book Day Alice In Wonderland Alice In Wonderland Fancy Dress Ideas   Celebrate the fantastic Lewis Carroll book with these perfect costumes for Alice in Wonderland. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve got more of a Mad Hatter, Queen of Heart’s or your own little Alice, we have lots of costumes to choose from for your Wonderland dress-up this World Book Day.   Alice Costume                                     Mad Hatter Costume                                         Queen of Hearts Costume  Click Here for our full Range of Alice and Wonderland Dress ups    

 4. The Wizard of Oz

  World Book Day Wizard of Oz Wizard of Oz Fancy Dress Ideas   An oldie but still a goodie. We are still reading the adventures of Dorothy and Toto as they are whisked away to the wonderful land of Oz. Making friends with a Tin man, Scarecrow and a Lion…. they certainly aren’t in Kansas anymore. The novel is one of the best-known stories in American literature and now famous in its musical versions. We have it covered for World Book Day from Dorothy and friends to the wicked witch of the west. A perfect celebration to a story still going strong! Dorothy Costume           Scarecrow Costume                 Knight Costume        Lion Costume          Wicked Witch Costume      

 5. Disney Princess

  World Book Day Disney Princesses Disney Princesses Fancy Dress Ideas   When it comes to most little girls there is always one clear choice of dress up…Princesses. Luckily with the help of Walt Disney many old fairy-tales and folk stories from have been made infamous and bought to the big screen.   Firstly, we have the story of Aladdin’ originally an old folk story, which over time has had many written adaptations and the birth of Princess Jasmin. This Arabian Princess Costume with the light blue Trousers, Top and Headpiece is a perfect idea for book week. If your little Princess is a bit more ‘under the sea’ this Mermaid costume would make a great Arial, Princess of the Sea for World Book Day.  The Little Mermaid is one of my favourite stories. This 1837 fairy tale written by the Danish author Hans Christian Anderson about a young mermaid who is willing to give up her life in the sea to be human for her prince charming so he can finally ‘kiss the girl’ …oh and thanks to Disney she also has a great set of pipes and sings some really catchy tunes. And Finally, there is Snow White an old fairy-tale published by the Brothers Grimm. Outfit includes Dress, Cape with collar, and Belt. Mermaid Princess Costume                                      Snow White Costume                                       Princess Jasmin Costume   For our range of Disney Fancy Dress Click Here    

 6. Horrid Henry

  World Book Day Horrid Henry Horrid Henry The series of books by Francesca Simon has been a big hit around the globe.  Well, who doesn’t love hearing the adventures of that mischief making prankster and the wrong doings of poor perfect peter...just make sure those little ones don’t go picking up too many ideas from this top tormentor!! This Horrid Henry fancy dress costume includes a blue and yellow jumper with Horrid Henry logo on, blue trousers and a soft foam mask for you very own (not so horrid) Henry to wear.    Horrid Henry Costume    

 7. The Gruffalo

 World Book Day Gruffalo Gruffalo   This one is probably for the littler ones amongst us. The stories of the Gruffalo are fantastic and bonus…they will look so cute! This Gruffalo Costume includes jumpsuit with gloves, shoe covers and hood. Gruffalo Costume  

  8. Horrible Histories

  World Book Day Horrible Histories Horrible Histories Fancy Dress Ideas


Get them learning some History the fun way this World Book Day and introduce some Horrible Histories. With stories from the Groovy Greeks and Terrible Tudors we have all the eras covered to make it easy for you this year. I mean who doesn't want to be King of the playground for the day, right!  Henry VIII Costume                               Greek Boy Costume                         Tudor King Costume  

 9. The Giant Peach- From James and the Giant Peach

World Book Day Giant Peach Giant Peach


This is another one for the teenier ones. Also, another fantastic one from Roald Dahl…but hasn’t he written some whoppers. James and the Giant Peach sees James entering a magical Giant Peach on a magical journey to escape his horrible Aunts. This Peach with a worm costume would be a perfect dress up for World Book Day.

Giant Peach Costume  

 10. Robin Hood

  World Book Day Robin Hood Robin Hood Fancy Dress Ideas

Celebrate the adventure of Robin Hood, the heroic outlaw stealing from the rich to give to the poor with our fab Hunter Green Boys Robin Hood, Girls Robin Hood and Maid Marion costumes. Not that we want to promote thievery of any kind….but that bow and arrow is pretty cool!

Robin Hood Boy Costume                            Robin Hood Girl Costume                     Maid Marion Costume

 For our full range of costumes for World Book Day click here   And most of all HAVE FUN :)   Save Save

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    Such great costume ideas – thanks for sharing! It’s always fun hosting a party with a theme like this where you can do a lot – from decorations, to clothing, to food. Another great idea if you’re planning a party for World book day (or any dress up party for that matter!) is to get a photo booth so you can capture all the crazy costumes and festivities!

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