4 Quick Kids Thanksgiving Games and DIY Crafts

4 Quick Kids Thanksgiving Games and DIY Crafts

With the holiday season around the corner we've come up the 5 perfectly themed, kids Thanksgiving games, DIY crafts and ideas to keep them entertained during the holidays. 

This time of year is all about family fun, and with all the hustle and bustle of turkeys, tinsel and tipples these quick and easy ideas are a fool proof way to keep the little ones occupied. 4 quick kids thanksgiving games, DIY crafts and ideas to keep busy...


1. Kids Thanksgiving - DIY feather headband

Get crafty this Autumn and tart up these simple paper headbands into funky feather and glitzy gem headdresses or crowns. Combine our Indian paper crown with gems and colourful feathers to create really jazzy crowns ready for a royal Thanksgiving feast!

thanksgiving games and diy crafts 

2. Get messy with this kids Thanksgiving Autumn tree poster

Bring the outside in with this falling leaves poster. Simply paint the tree shape on the paper and get sticking. Alternatively get really arty and try an 'all hands on deck' approach and get elbow deep in paint and start printing.  All you need is some paint, some trusty hands, and our Autumn leaves stickers. Why not add some glitz and shine by sticking some of out Autumn leaves confetti on too. 
kids thanksgiving games and diy crafts 

3. Kids Thanksgiving - Paper chain decoration kit 

Get the kids involved with decorating with this paper chain decoration kit. 
kids thanksgiving games and diy crafts


4. Set the mood - DIY fall candle lanterns

Autumn lends itself to long country walks, crunching on leaves. Keep the kids entertained at home by collecting the leaves for some seasonal kids Thanksgiving DIY craft projects. Light up these dark fall days with DIY candle lanterns. Fill them with our non flame tea lights or LED string lights as a centrepiece to your Thanksgiving event. What a fab way to showcase your little stars talent! 
Autumn leaf stencilled jar candle lanterns - you will need:
  • An empty jar with the label washed off
  • Leaves
  • Sticky tape
  • Acrylic paint
  • Paint brush
  • LED lights
  1. Place leaf on the jar with a single piece of folded tape.
  2. Brush the paint starting from the centre of the leaf, brushing out towards the jar.
  3. Continue with this the entire way around the leaf.
  4. Paint the rest of the jar.
  5. Remove the leaf once it has dried and fill with our non flame tea lights or string lights.
  6. Wrap ribbon or  our raffia twine around the top to finish it off.


Autumn leaves decoupage candle lantern - you will need:
  • Empty milk carton (washed) Scissors PVA glue Paint brush Leaves
  • LED lights
  1. Cut the top off the milk carton to the height you want your luminaire to be.
  2. Cover the top side of the leaves liberally in PVA glue.
  3. Place these inside the milk carton and apply PVA glue over the, to seal the, in place.
  4. Leave to dry-the glue will dry clear.
  5. Fill with out non flame tea lights or LED string lights.
  6. Add sticky ribbon around the top.


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