5 Simple Valentine's Day Ideas

5 Simple Valentine's Day Ideas

It’s that time of year again when Cupid grabs his arrow and reminds everyone how in love they are - Valentine's Day. But it doesn’t have to be a chore to make Valentine’s Day special for your loved one. Here are five simple Valentine’s Day ideas for you to impress the one you love this February 14:

Balloon in a Box

Valentine's Day Balloon in a Box Valentine's Day Balloon in a Box Focusing on the element of surprise, the Balloon in a Box is a lovely and fun romantic surprise for your other half. And the best bit? PartyPacks does the hard work for you! Just choose your balloon from the Valentine’s Day selection. Each balloon comes complete with an inflated foil balloon of your choice, satin ribbon, a balloon weight to match the colour of the balloon, colourful tissue paper, and classic polka dot box. All you have to do is come up with a wonderful message for the personalised card.

Picnic in the living room

Plates Pick your design - Radiant Heart, left, or Heart of Gold, right Picnics are wonderful, but as it’s a little chilly at the moment, it might be better to bring the picnic indoors. If you want to put a spin on the traditional romantic dinner table setting, why not opt for a living room picnic? Grab the picnic rug from the car – check for mud first – and lay it down in the living room. Cook some classic party foods and lay them out on our radiant hearts paper plates alongside the matching napkins, or our Heart of Gold set. Wear your heart on your sleeve with this Heart Snack Tray for nibbles. If you want extra points, label the wine with these themed wine bottle labels. This sweet and simple idea will help make this Valentines a night to remember.

Spruce up the dinner table

Add a little colour to the dining room table Add a little colour to the dining room table If you want to opt for a more traditional dinner setting for Valentine's Day, or the dog won’t let you have a picnic in the living room, then spruce up your dinner by sprinkling a little confetti or rose petals. Whether you go for pink and silver hearts, red hearts or silk rose petals, the confetti will show you’ve gone the extra mile. Add a heart table runner to bring even more colour to the dining table. Simple additions like these can help make the night a little more special without having to break the bank. Do you have a sweet tooth? Add this Valentines Cupcake recipe to your menu.

Sea of balloons

Create a sea of balloons Create a sea of balloons This one is, again, not expensive but requires a little time – and a lot of hot air. Create a wonderful surprise for your other half on Valentine's Day when they arrive home by creating a sea of balloons. Pick a colour/deign or two from the latex Valentines balloon section and pick a room in the house to decorate. Whether you choose 10 or 50 balloons, covering the floor in lots of balloons is sure to make your other half smile. Of course, you can save your breath with a balloon pump. Complete the room with single helium balloon rising above the others, and declare your love loud and clear.

The hand-made touch

Create your own hand-made box with our free download Create your own hand-made box with our free download Something hand-made always goes down well on Valentines Day. But it’s not always easy to spare the time. If you’ve bought a small present, such as earrings, a ring, or just want to surprise her with her favourite sweets, then this free download will help. Just click, print, cut, fold and stick and you’ll have a hand-made gift box for your Valentine. Pick from pink, blue and purple boxes.   Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save


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