Advent Calendar Ideas | DIY Christmas Advent Calendars for Kids and Adults

Advent Calendar Ideas | DIY Christmas Advent Calendars for Kids and Adults

Christmas is all about the mass build up. That's what makes the ritual advent calendar opening so fun. There are so many fun alternatives out there. Rather than the generic store bought chocolate windows try something different this year. We have come up with a couple of ideas that can be easily made by yourselves. These will make the run up to Christmas all the more exciting for kids and big kids alike.  

DIY Paper cup elves advent calendar.

Elf paper cups advent calendar This is a play on the ever so popular idea of 'elf on the shelf'. With this free printable template wrap around our festive green paper cups and ta dah... you can make your very own Santa's little helper elves...or in this case mummy's little helpers. Use a circle of paper slightly larger than the opening of the cup and secure with an elastic band. This will keep the dailty surprise tight whilst the hunt begins. This is a really family fun option for a kids Christmas. Hide them in different places around the house each day so the little ones have to go searching for them. What's more, it's a perfect opportunity to press good behaviour on the run up to the the big day, after all, Mr Elf has a keen eye, and know-body wants to make the naughty list.   elf advent calendar elf advent calendar             stocking fillers for advent calendar stocking filler to Fill these Advent Calendar Elves with our festive Santa chocolates or chocolate balls. Alternatively the cups are a fair size so you could choose from our array of stocking filler toys to fill each cup.               santa cup advent calendarFor Christmas Day there is a Santa cup. All you need is our free Santa printable and a red cup. Rather than everyone grasping for the present with their name scribbled on and ripping apart the paper at 5am. Make a game out of it....find santa before you can open the presents and make Christmas a real family affair.    


DIY Hanging Gift Bag Advent Calendar

  Hanging gift bag advent calendar   Keep the excitement of Christmas alive even when your grown up with this advent calendar hanging picture. This is a great idea for adults or big kids. Here are two different ways to display the hanging bags of surprise goodies.  

Option 1- Cork board Advent Calendar

  personalised-ribbon personalised-ribbon

I have used a cork board and stapled paper raffia to hang my 25  gold polka dot bags off, for a rustic golden look. You could use any choice of beautiful coloured ribbons to staple across the board, you could even use our personalised service and get names, or a festive personal note printed on to the ribbons. I have used our gold polka dot for an adult glitzy look, but you could use any of our brightly coloured gift bags and cover your cork board with our traditional festive wrapping paper.


Option 2- Hanging Wreath

  This is a super stylish fun option for an alternative hanging gift bag Advent Calendar...and here's how to do it.
  1. Using an empty cardboard box draw around a dinner plate to make a large circle and cut the put.
  2. Draw a smaller circle and cut the centre out so your left with a cardboard donut.
  3. Wrap the cardboard with our hessian ribbon
  4. Lastly add a bit of texture by wrapping in our paper raffia
  5. Now all that left is to fill your gift bags and stick them to lengths of raffia roll and attach them at different heights to the wreath.
For a more festive glitzy option, you could wrap your wreath in any of our dazzlingly sparkly colourful tinsel.  

3 2 advent calendar fillers

tissue decoration tissue decoration

We have a choice of festive chocolates to fill these with. Why not fill with any of our stocking filler mini toys for treat days if making this for the kids, or a Christmas decoration to hang for adults. This make DIY hanging decoration kits are a cute way to spend a Christmas evening, or even a selection of our Pom Pom decorations. You can see Christmas evolve as you get closer to the big day. Alternatively, you could add date night ideas, ice skating or any other fun family festive outings on the lead up to Christmas. The choice is yours.

  I hope you enjoy the lead up to Christmas as much as we do. Keep up to date with our other Christmas posts on the lead up to the big day for all your Christmas inspiration and ideas! Save Save


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