Alice in Wonderland Party Ideas | Throw an Alice in Wonderland Tea Party with ideas for Food, Decorations & Fancy Dress

Alice in Wonderland Party Ideas | Throw an Alice in Wonderland Tea Party with ideas for Food, Decorations & Fancy Dress

Alice in Wonderland has been a favourite of kids and adults alike since Lewis Carroll published the original Alice's Adventures in Wonderland book in 1865. This was followed by the classic Disney animation in the 1950's and the more recent Johnny Depp film in 2010 and sequel Alice Through the Looking Glass released in 2016.

The fantasy theme and other worldliness combined with the nonsensical language and rhymes, mad characters and rich visuals ensures Alice in Wonderland is as popular today as it has ever been. To celebrate the release of the new Alice in Wonderland movie, I'll show you how you can throw the most magical Alice in Wonderland party. I love the quirky vintage feel of the Alice in Wonderland style and as a party theme it can work with any kind of event from a kids party, baby shower, tea party, hen do or even a wedding. In fact we are using the drink me labels at our wedding on the drinks on our wedding tables. With the Truly Alice range of Alice in Wonderland decorations and tableware combined with some home made items and a bit of imagination you can easily turn your house and garden into a wonderland Alice would feel right at home in!


Alice in Wonderland Party Decorations

One of the most famous scene’s from Alice in Wonderland is the Mad Hatter's Tea Party and it’s really easy to recreate this at your own Alice in Wonderland party. Simply set up a long table or a series of smaller tables, cover with a tablecloth and then decorate with teapots, teacups and saucers. Either fill the teapots with real tea or juice for kids or even cocktails for adults. Combine normal sized teacups with some huge ones (like a flower planter), and some tiny ones (like a dollhouse sized tea set) for a really authentic effect. If you have any mouse toys these will look great poking out of teapots and a round the tea cups.

Have an assortment of ‘odd’ chairs around the table, so that people have to sit at different heights and you could even place a large armchair at the head of the table, for the main guest. If you have any colourful patio umbrellas or beach umbrellas you could decorate them with dots on the outside and/or pieces of crepe paper / cloth on the inside, so they resemble mushrooms. Set them on different heights and tilt some of them to provide a shaded area in the garden. 

Re-create the iconic Wonderland tea party scene with these fabulous Alice in Wonderland scene setter signs. Have fun confusing your guests and pointing them in every direction except the right one as they try to find your party! Each sign is beautiful in design, featuring ornate and vintage flowers, lovely ornate text and a piece of delicately styled ribbon for hanging. These will be perfect for displaying at the entrance to your event or for setting the scene in your garden as you transform the space into your very own Mad Hatter's Tea Party! Pack contains 8 double sided signs featuring different quirky directions, vintage floral patterns, pointing hands, keys and a pocket watch.


Alice in Wonderland party


Use these fantastic extra large Alice In Wonderland party props which are ideal for decorating large spaces or scattered around the garden. This pack of 8 props includes a mysterious pointing finger, The White Rabbit, a pocket watch, flamingo, mad hatter joker card, top hat and a rose and Queen of Hearts playing card, all designed with a hand illustrated look.This pack contains 8 extra large card props, perfect for any Alice in Wonderland theme.

The perfect choice for any Alice in Wonderland theme, this delightful Alice in Wonderland party teapot bunting features a gorgeous teapot and teacup design with floral motifs and gorgeous illustrations of the characters from the classic Alice in Wonderland novel. The pastel colour scheme also incorporates a stunning vintage feel that will set the scene perfectly for any Mad Hatter's Tea Party.  Each pack contains 4 metres of stunning Alice In Wonderland teapot bunting consisting of 16 pennants in 8 curious designs.

You can also put these brilliant Alice in Wonderland cardboard cutouts around the house or garden and they would look brilliant hiding amongst trees or flowers in the garden and the cheshire cat would be great up in a tree.



Other Ideas for Alice in Wonderland Party Decorations

  • Use large plastic flamingos to decorate the garden/croquet lawn, turn upside down for croquet mallets
  • Make rabbit paw tracks and put them on the floor, leading in various paths through your house and/or garden.
  • Put some clocks in the room that are stopped at tea-time.
  • Buy or borrow rose bushes in tubs or use fake red roses
  • Decorate your door so it represents the rabbit hole, or a looking glass, where people have to go through to enter the party.


Alice in Wonderland Party Tableware

Scatter Alice in Wonderland related items across the table, like little golden keys and keyholes. You can cut these out of gold card using these printable templates - key one, key two. Attach labels with the words ‘eat me‘ and ‘drink me‘ to all kinds of things, like the sugar bowl and bottles.  These gorgeous Alice in Wonderland party keys and tags are ideal for use as place cards and gift labels. Each tag consists of an ornate card with a decorative floral design and a cute plastic key. These will be ideal for combining with your Alice in Wonderland theme to add those quirky extra touches to your themed event or Mad Hatter's Tea Party!  Pack contains 6 labels and 3 keys. Each key features a unique and decorative design.


Alice in Wonderland party ideas


Re-live the Mad Hatter's Tea Party at your own event with these iconic Alice in Wonderland party "Drink Me" bottles. These will be perfect for adding those special extra touches to your party and for making your theme as true to the story as possible! Each mini plastic bottle is finished with cute golden ribbon and a "Drink Me" tag, featuring a decorative floral motif. The pack also contains an assortment of floral straws, perfect for your guests when they take a sip from these curious bottles!  Pack contains 6 plastic bottles with "Drink Me" tags and 12 floral paper straws. Delight your party guests by filling up with juice or even flowers to help bring your table decoration to life!


Alice in Wonderland party


As curious as the Mad Hatter himself, these cute Alice in Wonderland party cake domes will be perfect for displaying sweet treats and tantalising cakes in a different way! Use these to display mini meringues and cupcakes, or get creative and use as place settings for weddings or tea parties! These mini cloche style cake stands are sold in packs of 6 and feature miniature doilies and "Eat me" tags.



These beautifully illustrated Alice in Wonderland party paper plates will be perfect for serving your very own Mad Hatter's Tea Party. Each plate features gorgeous 'Alice in Wonderland' themed illustrations, surrounded by dainty colours and a vintage floral pattern. These plates will be perfect for afternoon tea, themed birthdays and special occasions. Pack contains 12 plates in 3 different designs. Each plate measures 7". Serve up your very own mad hatters tea party with these beautifully illustrated Truly Alice dainty plates. Each pack contains 12 paper plates and come in 3 colourful designs, including a pocket watch design with pink floral trim, March hare with cream floral trim, and a blue floral trim with Alice illustration.  An adorable addition to any afternoon tea, each plate is perfectly suited for any tasty treat. decoration.



What better way to clear your mess away, with a napkin of a flamingo playing croquet! Complete your Alice in Wonderland theme with these gorgeous and highly decorative, dainty Alice in Wonderland party napkins, featuring graphics and themes from the classic children's book. One side of the napkin features the White Rabbit and the other features Alice with a Flamingo. These thick napkins are a match made in heaven for all those mucky little hands These napkins are sold as a pack of 20. Each napkin measures 25cm.




Alice in Wonderland Food & Drink Ideas

  • Serve lots of tea or other drinks in teapots. Cocktails look fab served in tea cups as does jelly or even vodka jelly!
  • Make a cake in the shape of a mushroom or teapot. Or a three-tiered cake like in the Disney movie.
  • Boil some eggs and paint them to resemble Humpty Dumpty. You can also have your guests paint the eggs during the party.
  • Bake little cupcakes with the words ‘eat me’ written on them in icing, or using a stamp. Bake cookies in the shape of the letters EAT ME,teacups, and/or hearts, clubs, diamond and spades. You can also use cookie cutters to shape sandwiches.


Alice in Wonderland Party Games

Play lawn croquet: with hedgehog plush toys as balls, or perhaps hedgehogs painted on the balls. You could even attach coloured and stuffed socks to the end of the mallets and sew on eyes, to represent flamingos, or even use a plastic flamingo. You could also play chess - You can do this on a normal sized chessboard, or you can use a huge Alice in Wonderland party chessboard in your garden and have your guests play the pieces!


Alice in Wonderland party


Another great game for younger kids is “pin the grin on the Cheshire Cat”. You can use this Cheshire cat cardboard cutout and them trace the smile onto a piece of card.


Alice in Wonderland Party Costumes

There's such a great range of characters you can dress up as from Alice in Wonderland including Alice, the white rabbit, the Queen of Hearts, the Mad Hatter or even a dormouse or cheshire cat! View the full range of Alice in Wonderland fancy dress costumes and accessories here. For the full Alice in Wonderland party theme range visit the party packs Alice in Wonderland party page. For other Alice in Wonderland party theme ideas visit our Alice in Wonderland Party Pinterest board.



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