Australia Day

Australia Day

Australia Day is coming up on the 26th of January and if you are having withdrawal symptoms from all the partying over the festive season then it is a great excuse to throw another party.

We have a large section dedicated to the event on our main site and here is a little selection from it...

First up is our Australia Day Party Pack - there are three different types and come with everything you need to prepare for a party...

Australia Day Party Pack

Then we have a shark hat...

shark hat

Australian Day Cork Hat....

australia hat

an Australian Hunk outfit..

hunk costume

A Crocodile Costume...

crocodile costumeand an inflatable kangaroo...

inflatable kangaroo

We also sell a large range of other Australia Day tableware, balloons, fancy dress outfits and decorations.

And don't forget to send us in photos of your events, we always love to see how you use our products!


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