Bah Humbug Does Christmas?


I am not the biggest fan of Christmas; normally the Christmas tree goes up on Christmas Eve and comes down again on Boxing Day much to my children’s dismay! This year I am going to shock the children and will start decorating next week, in a tasteful way, and I may very well join the neighbours in their ‘I have more Christmas lights in my garden than you have’ competition.  So here are the products that I am going to use…

Vintage Noel Hessian Bunting


This bunting is stunning & very rustic and measures 3.5m long, so will be perfect for hanging in the kitchen. It will also keep well for next year!


50's Style Christmas Jingle bells Light Garland


This garland could be kept out all year around, 20 little jingle bells and stars with pretty gingham ribbon.  These are going in my living room window, for the neighbours to see, and possibly set them into a panic because they will know I am joining the outdoor light competition.

Vintage Noel Paper Chains


This lovely little paper chain kit will keep the children amused while I do the decorations, 3 different designs with stamped characters.  A huge 10 metres can be made, once they are done, they can drape over their bed headboards to take a little bit of Christmas upstairs!

Red Wire Star Card Holder


When the Christmas cards start popping through the letterbox, they do get opened, looked at, and then get put in a pile for one of the cats’s to sleep on.  So this pretty wire card holder may just stop me from doing the naughty thing & I will start to hang my cards up like everyone does!

Red & White Rocking Horse Tree Decoration


When the decision has been made to have either a real tree or to get the fake one out, the decision then has to be made on the colour scheme this year & who gets to choose what goes on top of the tree. So in my house it is always the fake one, as I have 4 cats, and the decision on what goes on the tree is very quick as it is always Christmas Eve. This year I will be taking these very cute wooden rocking horses home with me, to make the tree a tiny bit different and they will still keep in with the ‘white’ theme of the tree.

Just 5 Christmas decorations is all I need to make the house more Christmassy than it has ever been, the children will be in shock, the cats will have something to play with, and the dogs will not be sniffing the tree for hanging chocolates.

But if you do want to decorate your house like Santa’s Grotto then you can find all the products that dreams are made of here… 

Christmas Decorations at Party Packs

For extra inspiration see our Pinterest board on Christmas Decorations



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