Calendar Event Photo Fun

Calendar Event Photo Fun

Taking photos is always fun, especially when having a party as you want to be able to remember it in years to come.

We now have an enormous range of photo props so that you can make your photos stand out from the crowd!

As we have so many I am going to categorise them into a series of posts.

To start with this is our range of calendar event photo props.

The following two would make a great addition to a  Halloween party...

Halloween photo props

Cauldron Photo Prop

This would be great at an Autumn Harvest / Thanksgiving dinner...

Autumn Harvest / Pumpkin Photo Prop

Next we have our Christmas photo props...

Nativity Photo Prop

Christmas Photo Props

Then we have an Oktoberfest photo prop..

Oktoberfest Photo Prop

As well as a Mardi Gras photo prop...

Mardi Gras Photo Prop

They are all priced at a very reasonable £5.55 and if you click on any of the photos above then you will be taken to our site so you can purchase them.

Coming up tomorrow is the Children's Photo Props!


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