Celebrate The Queen's 90th Birthday | British Street Party or Summer Garden Party Ideas, decorations, crafts & recipes - part 1

Celebrate The Queen's 90th Birthday | British Street Party or Summer Garden Party Ideas, decorations, crafts & recipes - part 1

The Queen's 90th Birthday Party celebrations take place over a series of events this year. Her actual birthday is on the 21st April and there are further events from 12th-15th May and 10th-12th June including trooping of the colour birthday parade and The Patron's Lunch. Pub opening hours will also be extended over this weekend as well - hoorah! On Sunday June 12th 2016, The Mall in St James’s Park will be the location for for its largest ever street party with 10,000 guests, the majority of which will be representatives from the Patron’s Organisations, taking part in a classic British ‘street party’. If you weren't lucky enough to get hold of a ticket we'll show you how you can throw a party fit for a queen. We all love a street party and what a great excuse to celebrate the Queen's birthday whilst enjoying the best of British food and drink. Red, white and blue decorations, union jacks and lots of bunting are essential British Street party ingredients and the Queen's 90th birthday also has it's own special colours of cream and royal purple which looks fantastic. In this blog I will show you how you can easily decorate your home, garden, street or venue for the Queen's 90th birthday on a budget and still get the royal seal of approval! The next blog will cover food, drink, tableware and entertainment. For more information about the official street party visit http://www.thepatronslunch.com. For more information about May's events, visit the official website http://www.hmq90.co.uk The government has just released new guidelines, giving practical advice on how to plan your own street party:
  • Plan early and get in touch with your council at least four to six weeks in advance. Streets Alive (streetparty.org.uk) and The Big Lunch (thebiglunch.com) have great websites to help you plan.
  • You don't need a street party licence or to undergo a risk assessment – you simply need to fill out a form and apply to your local council. You would need a music licence only if amplified music was one of the main purposes of your event. You may need a Temporary Events Notice if you plan to sell alcohol. It costs £21 and covers events of less than 500 people.
  • You don't need to apply for road closure. For most small parties in quiet streets, all your council needs to know is where and when the closure will take place so they can plan around it (for example, so emergency services know). You also should not be charged for wanting to close your road. Alternatively, you can organise the party on private land such as a driveway or front garden.
  • You don't need to buy expensive road signs. Some local councils will lend you signs and cones, or you can hire or buy signs, or even print your own from downloadable templates if they are for use in daylight.
  • There is no requirement by government to have public liability insurance. But if you think insurance would be a good idea, have a look at the advice on the Streets Alive and Big Lunch websites and shop around. Quotes for insurance start from around £50, which can be split between people attending, or you could hold a raffle or ask for donations to cover the costs.
  • The Food Standards Agency (FSA) has confirmed that one-off events such as street parties aren't usually considered food businesses, so there is no need to secure a food licence.
  • You do not have to register a lottery, which includes raffles, sweepstakes and tombolas, if you are running an "incidental non-commercial lottery", for which tickets must be sold and the winners announced at the event. Anyone at the event including children can take part in this sort of lottery. The expenses that can be deducted from the proceeds must not be more than £100, and no more than £500 can spent on prizes (not including donated prizes).

The Queen's 90th Birthday Party - British Street Party Decorations

1IMG_1562 With a small budget for decorations, I managed to get all these great patriotic red, white and blue decorations for under £20. These decorations perfect for a British Street party or a Summer Garden Party to celebrate the Queen's 90th Birthday. As our party will be in a friend's garden, we though we'd try them out to see how they looked first and with sun shining it was a perfect day for it. 1IMG_1579 Red, White & Blue Plastic Bunting 30ft (10m). Amazing value bunting with 10 metres of bunting - 20 x flags for only £2.70!! Flag size 32cm x 20cm. Perfect for outdoor celebrations and the massive length and large flags  cover a huge area. 1IMG_1586 Patriotic Red White & Blue Lantern Garland - 3.65m. I love this pretty garland with flowers and paper lanterns, it looks really effective when combined with the bunting, strung in trees or over the entrance to a garden party - £5.70. 1IMG_1588 Red White & Blue Paper Fans - This pack of 6 assorted paper fans, perfect for patriotic events and celebrations. These British flag themed paper fans come in a range of sizes, varying from 20.3cm - 40.6cm and looks great hanging from trees in the garden - £7.68 IMG_1566 To celebrate The Queen's 90th Birthday, Party Packs have created a collection of elegant decorations for your street party, home event, or other festival. Each product from the range includes a cameo of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, the royal coat of arms, and a 'The Queen's 90th Birthday' message. The purple colour scheme will fit with most royal decorations, including the other products from our exclusive range. The Queen's 90th Birthday Poster  - This A3 poster printed onto thick, quality card. £2.34 In part 2 of theThe Queen's 90th Birthday Party blog, I will cover recipes, tableware and entertainment. For more ideas on throwing your own British Street party to celebrate the Queen's 90th Birthday, see our pinterest board or visit our Queen's 90th Birthday page for more decorations, tableware and balloons


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