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Which famous faces would you invite to your Celebrity Mask Party?

Now, you and your friends can re-enact your dream V.I.P fancy dress party with your desired selection of famous face card masks that have eye hole slits cut into them and elastic to put it around your head.

Here is mine…

My first guest would be me (obviously), otherwise known as The Queen – yes, I would wear the mask of royalty. It’s my dream party after all! The second guest would be the wonderful ‘The Great Gatsby’ actress, Carey Mulligan because I want her to be my new best friend. Next up, the music chart sensation Will.I.Am because I love all the strange words he makes up including ‘dope’ – this party will be dope! (It means very good for you novices). I need a talented Sportsman amongst my famous guests, who better than runner Usain Bolt who won the gold medal for the 100m run in the London 2012 Olympics. After completing the sprint in record time and winning, he posed for photos that involved him lunging and pointing to the sky, which subsequently went viral. There will be a lot of photographs of this famous ‘To The World’ pose at my party. My next guest would be Where’s Wally? – The red and white stripy top and hat, glasses wearing cartoon. I’m already planning games that involve this person hiding and the rest of us trying to find him, which is what Wally’s character is known for. Oscar nominated actor Johnny Depp, is my next guest of choice because he is a very handsome and inspiring film legend. And he played a Pirate, enough said! For entertainment purposes, the next guests will be Comedian and TV sensations Alan Carr and Mr. Bean, they are hilarious and will most definitely provide some laughter. The following card mask guest will be pop princess Kylie Minogue. The reason for her company is to encourage a group sing along of her popular hit 'Can't Get You Out Of My Head'. Business personality and mean TV boss, Alan Sugar is another excellent guest choice. For anyone who wishes to walk around yelling ‘YOU’RE FIRED’ all night, then this is your man! Last but not least Doctor Who’s 11th doctor, Matt Smith – not only do I think he’s super attractive (is it just me?) but he’s also really cool because he’s a time lord and must have lots of crazy interesting stories to tell.


There we have it - my dream celeb party guests. Made realistic through a card mask party. I think I got a bit over excited and carried away. Fortunately, if this happens to you too once you buy over 10 masks here at Party Packs.com they all go down in price separately from £2.94 to £2.64 – BARGIN! In that case it’s good to get carried away!

There are hundreds more cool celeb masks here at Party Packs that might be the perfect guests for your fancy dress mask party. For example, children’s TV and film favourites, Peppa Pig and cute little yellow Minion Dave from the movie Despicable Me 2. The TV Comedian well known for causing a riot, Keith Lemon. How about characters from your favourite soap operas, Coronation Street and Eastenders? What about the Prime Minister, David Cameron? Or characters from late night cartoon, Family Guy or US TV hit Breaking Bad.


Going out as a couple or in a pair? We’ve got you sorted with the famous faces of footballer David Beckham and pop star turned fashion designer wife Victoria Beckham, the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton and Prince William (take a doll for little baby George! which you might accidently leave on the bar – real baby not recommended), much loved TV personalities Ant and Dec, famous characters Wallace and Gromit, bad boy brother soap legends Phil Mitchell and Grant Mitchell from Eastenders, celeb couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie or Olivia Newton John and John Travolta to re-enact Grease, the musical.

beckhams couplekate n wills on throne

We cater for mask group parties too with our Mask Packs, which are already put into groups for you. They include half masks of Doctor Who Monster characters, Alice in Wonderland masks, Historical Mask assortment or a Famous Faces assortment. Alternatively, you can choose to go out as your own group using members from The Royal Family, various opinionated Politicians, pop bands The Spice Girls, One Direction and Union J or the much loved wizards and witch; Harry Potter, Hermione Granger and Ron Wesley.

alice in wonder The mask possibilities are endless; but if you’re not a fan of celebrities you can create your own personalised masks otherwise known as a photo face mask. Why not get all your friends to go out on your birthday in different masks of your face… what’s better than looking at your own face all night?! I assure you, that you and your friends will have a barrel of fun and a lot of laughs wearing our Celebrity Card Masks! It’s really fun generating your ideal celeb guest list and making it happen through masks, but don’t forget to invite me!

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