Clothing, Costume and Accessory Ideas for a Fun-Packed Festival

Clothing, Costume and Accessory Ideas for a Fun-Packed Festival

Summer, should it arrive, will be wonderful this year; with a huge range of festivals and goings on, there is something to suit everyone’s taste in music and atmosphere. Party Packs is blessed with having been founded in the same small, rural village as Glastonbury Festival. It is one of the largest and most well known music festivals in the country and a great opportunity to party. Being so close and having gone so many times, we have picked up a few tricks to make sure that everything goes smoothly. We know that you are there to have a good time, and hopefully with these festival tips and tricks you can have the best time possible.

Festival Costume Ideas

You’re going to a festival – it’s probably going to be bonkers fun – camping, mud, portaloos, good music, more mud and hopefully some sunshine. But if you’re going, why not go in style? A festival is a great place for a fancy dress costume – you’ll stand out and really help others get in the party mood (or at least help them increase their enthusiasm even more!) But what are you going to wear?
  • 80’s Style Costumes – big hair and bright colours are still popular in some circles and if you’ve been paying any attention you might have noticed the recent fashion trends leaning towards the bright in-your-face colours. So a 80’s style outfit will fit right in at a modern festival and help you get into the pop party spirit!
  • Something Sunny – we all pray for sunshine and good weather over the summer. British weather is unpredictable and unreliable. So you can pretty much guarantee, the one weekend you want it to be sunny it will probably be pouring it down.  But you can always bring the sunshine with you to the festival. A bright and colourful Hawaiian shirt and floral lei (the necklace made of flowers) combined with some lairy Bermuda shorts will certainly bring the hope of sunshine to the festival if nothing else. Plus you’ll be easy to spot in the crowd. If you’re going to the festival with friends, you could all dress up in such a costume to enhance the vibe.
  • Novelty and Over-Sized Costume – everyone loves a novelty or over-sized fancy dress costume. If you want to make people laugh and have a good time yourself, these sorts of costumes are a great way to go. Dress up as a beer bottle, a hotdog or a shark and you’ll be sure to turn some heads. A hairy gorilla might go down a treat too. If the weather is poor, these over-sized fancy dress costumes will probably keep you warmer than the average festival going gear and they’re comfortable too.
  • Patriotic Costumes – we all get a bit patriotic now and then. Festivals often bring out the British in us – especially when you’re knee deep in mud, surrounded by drunken strangers and enjoying some awesome tunes. Choose from a range of Union Jack themed gear to bring Britain to the festival – hats, badges, shorts, dresses, even Royal Family masks – there’s plenty of options.
  • Hippy Gear – improve the groove with colourful, psychedelic and tie-dye outfits that were popular in the 60’s but still look great at a British Festival. With these fancy dress costumes you’ll really look groovy baby!
There’s plenty of options when it comes what to wear to festivals, but what shouldn’t you wear?
  • Police Uniforms – dressing up in uniform might be fun in certain situations, but not everyone loves the police. There’s all sorts of reasons not to wear a Police fancy dress costume to a festival – people might be partaking in illegal substances and take offence at your outfit, the police might mistake you for someone impersonating them and generally police aren’t at a party to have fun – they’re there to tell people to turn the music down.
  • Anything Too Skimpy – if it’s warm, skimpy outfits are great for keeping cool, but you’re probably going to get covered in mud at some point and if it rains you’re not going to have much in the way of protection from the elements. Once the sun goes down it’ll be a lot chillier. Wrap up warm.
  • Anything Too Thick - when attending a good festival, the opposite of the above is also true. If your festival costume is too thick, you’ll probably find yourself sweating unnecessarily and getting stuck in awkward situations – like not being able to get into (or out of) the poraloos.
So these are the things to consider when deciding what to wear to a festival, but what about what to take with you?

Glastonbury festival

Essential Festival Going Accessories

What to take with you is always a stress no matter what festival you’re going to, so here are a few essential tips and handy solutions to potential issues that might crop up:
  1. Duct tape – as odd as it may sound this unassuming grey strip is your best friend in an emergency; it is really useful if you have any tears in tents or wellies. It’s a sturdy and waterproof tool and has the bonus of being not too heavy to carry.
  1. Boxed wine – if you are lucky enough to be able to drink then I would suggest get one of these bad boys. They are much light than bottles and cheaper, but the most exciting trick is even better than convenient wine. When you have finished the arduous task of finishing the box of wine, you can remove the box so you are left with the bag and valve. By blowing into the valve you will soon be left with a handy travel pillow. Lighter and less bulky than a real pillow as well.
  1. Warm food – while you can mostly live off of cereal bars and biscuits for the best part of a week, you will never appreciate a hot meal more than after a week of no sleep and processed carbs. It is good to take a bit of money with you for such an occasion. You have already spent a lot so there is no need to go wild, but just a well timed bacon sandwich can perk you up. I would also advise picking ‘simple foods’; the more complicated it is the more likely it is under-cooked. Bacon and chips are good as they are hard to get wrong.
  1. Something that glows - glow sticks, bands, bracelets, sticks and even glasses are a great addition to any festival costume. They’re great clean fun and a good idea for lighting your way and creating a bold look. Pin them to the outside of your tent or yourself. Letting people find you is also much easier when you are lit up like a Christmas tree. They are also small and easy to carry so make sure you add them to your list of supplies.
  1. Weather defenders – the weather is not your friend. It may be nice but it may change suddenly. Whatever happens you need to be protected. If it is sunny you will need a sensible hat or something really daft if you want to stand out. Heat stroke is a very real possibility and can completely ruin your time; stay cool and stay hydrated. A hat is also a great way of getting together an outfit or costume without to much work or expense. It will also not limit your movements too much. A group of friends in matching hats is always a clear sign of who is having the most fun. A fetching poncho is a nice light cover for keeping cool or staying warm as the day goes on. If you are averse to sitting in mud, it can also double up as a handy blanket. On the subject of ponchos, I also recommend bringing a roll of bin bags; they are great for carrying stuff and for tent repairs. Also, you can turn it into a handy, portable waterproof poncho with just three small holes.
  1. Inflatable Cooler – alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks are an essential requirement for any festival goer. But lugging a cooler around can be a nightmare. An inflatable cooler is a great compromise. It’s easy to take with you and won’t take up any extra space in the car or in your luggage, blow it up, stock it full of beers and you’re good to go.
  1. Trumpets, Whistles and Musical Gear – you’re at a music festival, get into the spirit with something musical yourself. Essential, yet simple accessories for a fun packed festival.
  1. Body Spray & Glitter – for the ladies hair and body spray is a great addition to any festival costume or outfit. It’ll make you stand out from the crowd and light up in the sun too!
  1. Wellies – you’ll probably end up knee deep in mud. Pack some willies or some good waterproof boots to make sure you can party it up in comfort!
Now, while it is not a pleasant subject it has to be mentioned. Even though you are camping, other people are around you as well. You should, nay must, pack a decent supply or deodorant and dry shampoo; you are camping, you’re not an animal. It also should not have to be said but a toothbrush is a must and gum is a pretty good idea for morning breath and throughout the day. On the subject of sundries, I would also advise grabbing some aspirin. If it’s a headache or just the pain of camping it’s probably best to deal with it as soon as. I will once again take the role of parent and say that medication is never to be mixed with alcohol. As we all know, the best type of fun is safe fun. Going with friends is also a great idea. While you are likely to meet new people, being that there are thousands of them crammed into the space of a few fields, it is always nice to have familiar face to share the experience with. I would say this goes double for first timers, as you won’t quite know where everything is. Another good piece of advice for first timers and everyone for that matter is to not take anything that you cannot afford to loose or have destroyed. Your brand new phone and you £80 headphones are not festival gear and you will get no sympathy if you were silly enough to bring them. A music festival, no matter where it is, is a fantastic way to start your summer. With good friends and a cold drink, it is a great way to spend your time and money. If you make sure that you stock up and prepare and grab some great partying supplies there is not much that can go wrong. So those are our tips for festival costumes and accessories – leave us a comment if you can think of anything we’ve missed or you’d recommend to take from your own experiences.


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