Cowboy Fancy Dress and Party Ideas For a Really Wild West Time!

iStock_000004025741XSmall Howdy partner! I heard that you’re fixin’ to put on one heck of a Wild West Party. Don’t worry ma’am, we have everything you be needin’ to make sure that you have the best day you can. Whether you’re a cowboy or a no good cattle rustler, we can help you set the scene and live the American dream. You’re going to need to make sure that you have everything from the west in your own home, and you’re going to want to make doubly sure that you keep the little cowboys and girls entertained; I don’t know about you, but I sure don’t want to see what kind of mess they can make if they get bored. You’ll be in a whole heap of trouble. Here are a few of our best party ideas for creating Wild West Country. Little boys love dressing up and playing cowboys and Indians. They have done so for decades. But in modern times, it’s easy and doesn’t cost the earth to throw a fancy dress party with a cowboy theme. We’ve put together this article to give you some ideas on cowboy themed decorations, costumes, games and more to help get your party off to a wild start.

Setting The Wild West Theme

The first thing you going to need to do is set a good base for the wild west scene. The essential part of the party is making little boys and girls feel like real cowboys and Indians.

Wild West Back Drops & Props

Decorate your venue with a range of Wild West themed props and decorations including everything from wanted posters to cacti, cow and horse cut-outs, skull props, flags and bullet holes. Then make the room really stand out with scene setters and back drops that bring the American Wild West to your home. If you are looking to cover a big space like a wall, or fence if weather permits, then I would suggest our country theme scene setters and back drops.

Cowboy Themed Tableware

Even little cowboys and Indians need feeding at some point; it can be a lot of fun to keep the theme going, even down to the smallest detail. Browse and choose from a range of Wild West themed tableware to bring the cowboy theme to your party food. Add cacti centrepieces and cow print cutlery and plates to really make your food table stand out.  It is best not to bring out the good plates as cowboys are hardly renowned for their table etiquette.

Little Cowboy Fancy Dress

A lot of the fun and the atmosphere will come from your, sure to be sterling, commitment to your character. It will be a good idea to decide who has what job early on just so that people can run with it. You could make the birthday boy the sheriff and another one of their friends the mayor, or the general store owner. While you could go for a cowboys and Indians theme, but you might well find that everyone wants to be a cowboy which could lead to some hearty disagreements. So why not let everyone dress up that way anyway? There’s certainly a lot of choice when it comes to cowboy and Wild West fancy dress anyway – with everything from Sherriff to Gunslinger, Mexican Bandit to Indian chief and much more in between. We’ve got cowboy and cowgirl costumes for boys and girls and for adults too. So if you’re hosting a party for kids or grown-ups or both, you can make sure everyone has the right look. iStock_000004579476XSmall

Cowboy Party Food Ideas

Finger food that they can get stuck into is always a favourite and here are a few of the best suggestions we’ve found for food cowboy parties: 1.       Tex-Mex Rancher Nachos – These a great tasty treat for kids and good for fussy eaters. They can also be made on a large tray making life easier by popping do tortilla chips on a parchment lined oven tray and covering with lots of mild cheddar. You can make it healthier by adding a few bits of red pepper and spring onion as well. Then put out some salsa and sour cream and chive dips to really finish it off. BBQ sauce also ties it into the Wild West theme. 2.       Barbeque Fajitas – These are simple to make and are once again great for fussy children. By cutting chicken into strips and cooking it in BBQ sauce you can make a tasty and healthy meal. You can also cook up some peppers and onions and serve alongside. Little cowboys will have a great time making their own wraps and will enjoy the food more for this. It can also be made reasonably cheaply which is good for feeding lots of mouths. 3.       Dessert – The easiest way to deal with a great Wild West dessert is to make a classic favourite and then give it a cowboy twist. If you felt like baking for could always make ‘Grandma Pioneer Pie’ which is really just any pie you feel like making at the time. Try to give it an old west look by crossing the strips over the top if you feel like it. Cookies are also a children’s classic; serve them as ‘Wagon Wheel Biscuits’ with a cold glass of milk to add to the experience. 4.       Wash it down with a nice glass of ‘Moonshine’ – Shandy is a nice drink for children and comes ready-made if you want to save on time and cost. If you can find a large ceramic jug with 3 X’s on the side then serve it from that, if not you can recover the bottles label with some brown paper and grab a marker pen. This will hopefully simmer them down a little after a day of cowboy antics so that you can do a little bit of tiding as you go. While you do this you need to keep them entertained so a game is a good idea. Pass the parcel is a fun children’s game that is easily changed to fit any theme. Brown wrapping paper helps to keep the look and it can be filled with lots of Wild West goodies such as bandanas and a sheriff’s badge.

Cowgirls Like to Party too!

If you have a young lady who is rather taken with the idea of a Wild West party then it is good to give her the opportunity to still keep it girly if she wants. While a good bit of denim and a checked shirt is easy enough to get your hands on, it’s the details that really make a cowgirl. A classic string tie will give that iconic Wild West look as well as adding some much deserved pink into the mix. If she is the kind of gal to take charge then I would also suggest a sheriff’s badge so that everyone knows who boss around these parts. There is also the option of just going for the non-pink items if you would prefer, but I am sure options will always make you popular when planning a children’s party. Thank you kindly for your time and reading. Be sure to look out for more great ideas and be sure to stop by your Party Packs general store on your online travels. iStock_000003421467Small


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