Create Your Own Jellyfish Lantern | Mermaid Parties for kids

Create Your Own Jellyfish Lantern | Mermaid Parties for kids

Looking for a way to add unique DIY touch to your mermaid party? Look no further we have the perfect DIY decoration idea that you and your kids will enjoy making and your guest will LOVE looking at!

To make our mesmerising jellyfish lanterns please follow this step by step guide with links to all products needed to create this beautiful decoration.

STEP 1 – Choose your colour theme

We have a range of beautiful paper lanterns and balloon tails for you to choose from to make your own jellyfish lantern. We have both pale and bright, bold colours. ScreenHunter_03 Nov. 17 09.50 ScreenHunter_03 Nov. 15 11.21 ScreenHunter_02 Nov. 17 09.50 dgfa

STEP 2 – Unpack your beautiful products

Once you have selected your products, placed your order with and received your beautiful products it’s time to get creative and put it all together. First thing you want to do is get the items out of their packaging. Pop open the lantern and place the metal frame inside of it to hold the shape. Then shake out your balloon tails so they fall nicely (give them a ruffle with your fingers if needed).  

STEP 3 – Creating your jellyfish masterpiece!

You should now have all your products in front of you ready for putting together. Grab your balloon tail/tails depending on how bushy you want it to look on the bottom I went for just the one tail as I thought this looked enough. To attach the balloon tail(s) to the paper lantern use the sticky tab and fold it over the bottom bar of the lantern. ( you will see a sticky tab at the top of the balloon tail). I found that just doing this made it look quite thin at the top. Therefore I twisted it round the metal bar a little bit until it looked chunky enough at the top. sdf

STEP 4 – Hanging the finished piece

Your gorgeous lantern jellyfish is now complete and just needs a place to hang. You can hang it using ribbon and tape or by a hook or however you would prefer. gd  

STEP 5 – Stand back and admire your finished lantern

ScreenHunter_05 Nov. 15 11.33  

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  • Natalie on

    OMG these jellyfish lanterns are just perfect for an underwater theme or an Aerial Party. In have lots of requests for underwater decorations . im going to give these a go. Il keep you posted on. how we did.

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