Dinosaur Themed Birthday Party | Ideas for Dinosaur themed party decorations, tableware & games

Dinosaur Themed Birthday Party | Ideas for Dinosaur themed party decorations, tableware & games

Rooooaaaaaarrrrr!! It's time for a Dinosaur themed 4th Birthday Party!! Dinosaurs have always been a popular kid's favourite birthday party theme and has been especially with a new Jurassic Park film coming out in 2015. Party Packs have got a huge range of dinosaur themed party supplies - everything you need to turn your your venue into a prehistoric paradise, with decorations and accessories and a fantastic range of dinosaur tableware that won't break the bank! Why not get dressed up in dinosaur fancy dress, inflate some dinosaur balloons and get the party started! If you're hosting a big party, make sure to check out our great value dinosaur party packs! So when my friend's son decided he wanted a dinosaur themed 4th birthday party, Party Packs had everything we needed to take him back to when dinosaurs ruled the earth and the Tyrannosaurus Rex was king!  If you're sending invitations, these dinosaur party invites are perfect.

Dinosaur Birthday Party Themed Tableware

We have a great range of dinosaur party tableware, including the brightly coloured dinosaur platescups, napkins and table covers so you can keep your table clean and save on washing up afterwards! Or you could go for a cost effective dinosaur tableware party pack for 8 which includes all of the above. [gallery size="full" link="none" ids="2825,2823,2824"] The table will look great scattered with these green and purple dinosaur party sprinkles and don't forget the dinosaur party hats. [gallery size="full" link="none" columns="2" ids="2827,2829"]

Dinosaur Birthday Party Themed Decorations

IMG_0302_small This inflatable dinosaur looked absolutely great sat at the table with his party hat on and the kids loved him joining in with thier meal, we decorated the windows with these dinosaur party hanging cut outs and we also have these great dinosaur party balloons [gallery size="full" link="none" ids="2832,2831,2830"] Although not technically a dinosaur, the kids loved playing with this huge inflatable crocodile and he looked quite at home hanging out in the garden with the ducks. Not sure how they felt about it though!! IMG_0313_small As it was a 4th birthday party, we also had this huge Blue Foil Number 4 balloon which we filled with helium (at the local florists) and looked great hanging over the table alongside the number 4 piñata.

Dinosaur Toys for party bags, prizes and piñatas

IMG_0300_small We've got some great low cost ideas for dinosaur party bags, dinosaur party boxes, dinosaur toys, games and sweets. Or for a more personal, touch how about these personalised dinosaur themed party bag with your child's name on the front?  You can buy filled personalised dinosaur party bags that contain a jigsaw, stickers, notepad, eraser & a pin ball maze for £1.50 or personalised dinosaur party bags without contents if you want to fill them yourselves for 30p each. You can buy 8 packs of dinosaur themed party bag filler for only £3.95!! [gallery size="full" ids="2841,2843,2850"] Or to save time you can get one of our great value Dinosaur Party Bags and filler packs. This pack is £2.22 and contains the following: Dinosaur Party Bag, Dinosaur jigsaw, Dinosaur sticker activity book, Dinosaur 12cm figure, Dinosaur micro stickers, Dinosaur pencil with eraser, Rainbow dust straw & Rainbow drops or Fruit Chew. The superior Dinosaur party bag and filler pack is £2.94 and contains Dinosaur Party Bag, Dinosaur jigsaw, Dinosaur sticker activity book, Dinosaur micro stickers, Dinosaur pencil with eraser, Dinosaur eraser, Dinosaur glider, Rainbow dust straws & Rainbow drops. product_82212_1_orig Ideas for low cost dinosaur themed party bag fillers include dinosaur figures for 24p each, dinosaur pencil & eraser 36p each or these great value dinosaur stationery sets including: 1 notebook, 1 pencil with eraser tip, 1 ruler 1 sharpener, and 1 eraser. Perfect for party bags and school and only 78p! [gallery size="full" link="none" ids="2835,2834,2833"] Other great dinosaur themed party bag fillers, prizes include these dinosaur foam masksdinosaur stickersmini dinosaur themed maze puzzles [gallery link="none" size="full" ids="2838,2837,2836"]

Dinosaur Birthday Party Games

A classic party favourite, a lucky dip is great for small kids. It must be the lure of the unknown, but there's something irresistible about lucky dips. Very easy to set up and you can save any left over for next year! This pack includes dinosaur themed jigsaws, stickers, gliders, erasers, playing cards, pencils and activity books or you can use our Dinosaur party Lucky dip pack contents as prizes for musical chairs, musical statues, or for prizes in the layers of pass the parcel. We've got piñatas in a huge range of shapes and colours. This 4th birthday piñata, was filled with sweets, and we even have a great value piñata filler pack filled with sweets and party favours or a piñata filler pack containing 36 toys for only £5.82! [gallery columns="2" size="full" link="none" ids="2840,2842"] And here's the finished table ready for the mayhem top begin. The kids loved it and the party was a roaring success! For more Dinosaur party ideas, visit our dinosaur party pinterest board IMG_0345_small     and watch out for that croc, he might eat all the cake!! IMG_0318_small


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