EURO 2020 Party Ideas

EURO 2020 Party Ideas

For the first time in over 60 years, the 2020 UEFA tournament is scheduled to be held across the continent this summer with 12 host cities in total. UEFA president Aleksander Čeferin advises the aim is to allow football to act as a ‘bridge between nations’ which will bring the action closer to millions of football fans across Europe. Plan your EURO 2020 party celebrations and cheer your chosen team along. With 24 teams to choose from and no hosts automatically qualifying, nobody’s place is secure!


Party games

If you missed out on tickets for the EURO 2020 games don’t despair, simply recreate the big game atmosphere with some football themed party games. Try out a little bingo ticking off key football pundit phrases, yellow cards, penalties and own goals starting with the tournament opening game which is being held in Rome on 12th June.

Get your guests to try out a quick half-time penalty shoot out for those looking to have a kick-about. Or perhaps play a game of ‘pin the football on the goal’ to see who can get the pin in the most accurate position. You could even blow up an inflatable football for a quick ‘keepy-uppy’ challenge seeing who can keep the ball up in the air for the longest!



Keep your Euro 2020 party theme going with football decorations such as banners and posters. Simple football balloons and string decorations always work well to add some colour and fun for your football mad guests. Essential to a EURO 2020 football themed party is a football fixture poster encouraging guests to keep up to date with the score sheet and even hold a sweepstake to see which team wins and who collects the winnings!

Euro Bunting

Add a little table confetti to create some more interesting table decorations alongside a portrait wall banner decoration featuring a striker in action. Ceiling hanging football whirls are great decorations to add in any venue, alongside some black and white fabric bunting or football plastic bunting perfectly suited for outside venues if the summer weather is good.

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Within your EURO 2020 party venue why not consider using some artificial grass to recreate the bright green perfection of the top football pitches across Europe. This can be used as an eye-catching table runner or even as a penalty spot in front of a mini-goal at your venue.

A giant stadium backdrop poster is great for some guest selfies incorporating some EURO 2020 themed props such as whistles, flags and red/yellow cards. Guests can also have a little fun recreating their favourite football player poses with a stand in cutout and some mini flags to wave when cheering their team on.

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Food and Drink

Continue the EURO 2020 football theme with football themed tableware from plates and cups to napkins and tablecloths. Present your guests with small and quick-to-nibble-on snacks so they don’t risk missing a minute of the game especially the all-important Wembley final being held on 12th July. Use football picks to hold snacks together and avoid making a mess when celebrating goals.

With savoury snacks think nachos and dips, pizza slices, hotdog sliders, mini-burgers and chilli filled taco cups to keep your guests going all the way though extra-time and penalties. For some sweet ideas why not try making some eye catching football cake pops, football topped cupcakes, popcorn and some pic’n’mix sweets.

euro 2020 party ideas


Get the look

Naturally a football kit is the ideal outfit for a EURO 2020 themed party. With 24 team colours to choose from there should be one to suit. Alternatively why not recreate the football kit look with shorts, trainers, knee high socks and shin-pads, or even goalie gloves for those up to the challenge.

Another key figure you could dress as the EUFA EURO 2020 cartoon mascot Skillzy! This ‘larger than life character inspired by freestyling, street and panna culture’ is an entertaining animated footballer with skills in tricks and flicks alike. The winner of Your Move: a Europe wide contest to find the most talented freestylers and street footballers, Skillzy is joined by four-time world freestyle record holder Liv Cooke from England, and former European freestyle champion Tobias Becs from Norway.


Extra tips and tricks

Finally wrap up your EURO 2020 football themed party with some football themed party bags including football related items such as a whistle. In terms of music, why not blast out the official EURO 2020 anthem ‘All For Us’ by DJ Wahlstedt to get guests in the party spirit. Add to your party playlist with plenty of football themed tunes such as ‘Three Lions’, ‘Vindaloo’ or ‘We’re on the Ball’ for a fantastic soundtrack to your EURO 2020 themed party.



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