Eurovision Party Ideas - May 12th

Eurovision Party Ideas - May 12th

There's still time to order your decorations for the Eurovision Song Contest happening on May 12th. We have loads of fun music inspired decorations which will be great to use throughout the evening. Let's be honest, any excuse to have a party.

Eurovision Score Sheet

Keep track of all the scores as you watch the show! You could make a game out of it and become your very own judge! See how you compare to the other countries scores. Eurovision Score Sheet

Eurovision Accessories

From head boppers to plastic flashing microphones, that's right there is plenty of accessories to choose from. Plastic Light up Microphone Musical Note Beads 2018 Head Boppers  

Eurovision hand waving flags

Give each of your guests one of these hand waving flags to show who you are supporting. Or even pull a country competing, out of a hat, and that is who you are supporting for the evening! Maybe even go dressed as the most famous person from that country for an extra bit of fun. British Union Jack Hand Waving Flag  

Eurovision Tableware

Now you could either go down the route of musical note tableware or international tableware. Either way it will add a splash of colour!

Eurovision Balloons

These fun music inspired balloons will look great dotted around the place. Hang in clusters or fill the music inspired foil balloons with helium and let them float near the television. Music Note Single Black Double Note Music Notes Neon Assorted Balloons - Pack of 10  


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