Frozen Party Ideas

Frozen party ideas

With the November 2019 release of Disney’s sequel Frozen II, now is the perfect time to host a Frozen themed party.

Celebrate your favourite record-breaking box office animated movie with a wintery party set in the enchanted icy landscape of Arendelle. Celebrate Princess Anna, Queen Elsa and Olaf the snowman’s epic journey to the far-off magical land with a spell-binding party, ideal for guests of all ages.



Dressing up

Frozen party fancy dress options are plentiful for both children and adults alike. Naturally Frozen’s lead characters are always a firm favourite when selecting the perfect fancy dress outfit. There’s Anna with her cheeky dimples and plaited brunette pig-tales. Simply throw on a burgundy cape and long blue skirt and the likeness is unmistakable.



Or there’s Elsa with her platinum blonde braid and bejewelled royal crown. A long sleeved icy blue gown mirrors the cool magic of the Frozen landscape. Sticking to the key colour theme of silver, powder blue and white will ensure any Elsa outfit looks the part.


Frozen balloons


For the boys a Hans inspired outfit could feature his dashing hairstyle, suave jacket with shoulder epaulettes and gold braiding, and knee high black boots. Alternatively mountaineer Kristoff dons his fur-lined tunic top and snow boots to keep warm in the icy landscape, with some rope looped over the shoulder ready for some thrilling adventures.



You could even opt to dress as one of the more minor characters - Sven reindeer antlers anyone? Or even a magical troll outfit! For a fun touch why not add some playful snowflake head boppers and really get into the party spirit without a specific character in mind.


Party games

A fun party classic for decades, why not hold a Frozen themed musical statues competition suiting all generations. Incorporate the official Disney Frozen soundtrack to really get guests in the mood. Following on with the musical theme you could also consider holding a Frozen karaoke competition and see who can really ‘let it go’, especially with the new Frozen II songs added in to the mix. 

Add to the party excitement with a traditional winter snowball fight or even ‘Olaf skittles’ dividing guests into teams and using some fake snowballs and white paper cups decorated as snowmen. Continue the Olaf theme with a game of ‘pin the carrot on the snowman’ blindfolding your guests, spinning them around and seeing how accurate they can be in placing Olaf’s carrot nose onto his face. 

For a warming winter treat, hosting a tasty hot chocolate bar complete with cream and marshmallows will thaw your guests out. Or ask them ‘do you want to build a snowman’ and hold a timed competition to the song. Use white toilet roll to wrap and decorate a willing snowman/victim. Get your guests up and moving about with a Frozen themed scavenger hunt around the house or garden, using Frozen lyrics as clues to test their film knowledge.




Key elements when decorating a venue for your party can include snowflake motifs, snowballs or fluffy white pom poms, and even biodegradable ‘ice queen’ blue glitter scattered across the tables for a more magical finish.


Disney's Frozen decorations


The central Frozen colour theme sees a cool palette of frosty silver, pale blue and crisp white. This is perfectly shown by the use of white or silver snowflake danglers and string decorations such as a hanging 3D mobile. Add a little Frozen bunting to incorporate the leading ladies Anna and Elsa into your decorations. 


Disney's popular animated ice movie party ideas


Balloons are essential to adding atmosphere to any party celebration. Combine simple plain silver/white/blue helium balloons together with some Frozen balloons showcasing the key characters. Dotted about the room or used as tabletop decorations these balloons always look eye-catching. A balloon archway with some added glitter balloons always makes for a more dramatic entrance and ideal photo opportunity, or a balloon bouquet for added party style.

Ceiling decorations can ensure the venue doesn’t feel too cluttered, whilst also adding to the Frozen colour scheme. Use a combination of pale blue, white and even lavender to recreate the eye catching wintery Frozen landscape for your guests. Crepe paper streamers can also add texture and depth to the decorations.


Anna and Elsa party decorations



If the real Anna and Elsa can’t make it to your party, why not substitute them for some lifelike cardboard cut outs to greet your guests on arrival. Another cute idea for your party that also provides a great photo opportunity is the use of life size ‘stand-ins’. These allow guests to pop their faces through the hole and imitate their favourite Frozen characters.

Adding a little loose snow around the base of props, on tables or in doorways will transport guests back to the enchanted magical lands of Frozen. Quick and easy to put up and also to clear away, vinyl window decals in the shape of snowflakes can add to the wintery wonderland of your party. 



Other party props could include card face masks for guests to impersonate their favourite characters and have selfies taken. This allows guests to really get into the party spirit and change their look without the need for a full Frozen fancy dress outfit.


Food and drinks

There are lots of options when it comes to your party food and drink. Savoury options can include ‘Sven’s reindeer snacks’ with pretzels, chopped apples and sliced grapes. Or there are ‘Olaf’s noses’ with mini carrots for guests to munch on. Sandwiches can be cut into Frozen themed shapes such as Anna’s ‘frozen heart’ or perhaps a star shape. Reuse a shaped sandwich cutter to make fruit and other snacks look more interesting and continue with your party theme. 



Sweet options are plentiful with tasty white ‘snowballs’ or marshmallows, and cups of ‘snowman stuffing’ or popcorn. Why not build a ‘North Mountain’ of Frozen coloured cupcakes, decked with pale blue and lavender swirled icing. Use snowflake sugar shapes or Frozen character shaped cake toppers. A bowl of wobbly jelly is always a party food favourite, or little macarons that can all be matched to the Frozen colour theme of frosty pale blue and soft lavender. 



Drinks could be jugs of ‘melted snow’ or water as it is more commonly referred to. Continue the frozen theme with character cups and straws.

Why not continue the Frozen theme with tablecloths, and matching tableware such as napkins and paper plates to impress your guests. Keep the magical party theme going with some cups of icy blue slushies.


Don’t forget

It’s all of those easy little extra details that really bring a fun party theme like Frozen together. Simply using bubbles to surprise your guests and inject a little playfulness to the party is a great idea. Once guests have enjoyed themselves and go to leave, ensure they are given a party bag filled with little Frozen goodies. Send them on their way with one of the Frozen character party balloons, for long lasting memories of a fantastic Frozen time.

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