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We all enjoy being showered with attention, gifts and affection on our birthday. Even if you’re not really a fan of getting older and dread each year that ticks by, you still probably enjoy having friends and family around to help you celebrate or commiserate. What makes a birthday party even more special? Personalisation. Going that extra mile by sending out personalised invites, buying personalised banners and balloons and other party accessories can make a big difference. Children especially will really enjoy seeing their name in big letters, stretched around balloons, hanging across stair rails or above doors and other locations. If you’re organising a party for someone special in your life whether it’s friends, family, children or colleagues then there are plenty of personalisation options to make the party something special. Personalised party accessories don’t just have to be used for birthday parties either. For special events like wedding parties, anniversaries, hen parties or other celebrations, they can help remind everyone just who the party is for and help the guest of honour feel that little bit more special. Personalised party banners especially have a great impact – got example, imagine the surprise when the birthday girl walks into her surprise party to find a huge banner with a photo of her on saying Happy 40th Birthday! Here’s just a few ideas for ways to personalise a party or special celebration.

Personalised Party Balloons

personalised-balloons-latex-and-foil-16927 What’s a party without balloons? Especially popular with the children (who might like to take some away with them once the party is over) balloons are a great addition to any party. They’re perfect for decorating the venue, sticking to walls, doors, the ceiling, whatever and wherever. They’re a low-cost addition that’ll help get people in the party mood. Personalised balloons go a step further and can include all sorts from the name of the guest of honour to a celebratory message or a specific image related to the party. Choose from foil or latex balloons, then pick what you would like written on them, the fonts, the colours, and more.  You could even add company logos to the balloons for personalised corporate parties (leaving parties, retirement parties or something similar).

Personalised Banners

Party banners are one of the most popular and common party decorations and a simple way to brighten up your venue. If you’re trying to do something special, then you can use personalised party banners to either embarrass, poke fun at or just celebrate a special event. Adding an embarrassing baby photo for an 18th party will always get everyone laughing, although we have seen much worse! They measure 1.2m long so large enough not to be missed! For something less embarrassing you could use photos of treasured memories from past events or celebrations to bring back good memories for everyone at the party. Themed, seasonal, traditional or specific event banners are available and can all be personalised according to your needs.

Personalised Cut-outs


Now these are unusual party accessories that no one will expect – life-size, high-quality cardboard cut-out versions of themselves. They can be ordered as a single person or a couple. So if you’re throwing a joint party or a celebration for a couple, then these are ideal. In other words they work really well for weddings, engagements and anniversaries. At a birthday party, especially a surprise one, you could create great waves of humour by leaving these personalised cardboard cut-outs scattered around the house or venue. Use old photos of the ‘victim’ with hilarious haircuts, shocking beards or daft clothing to create extra hilarity and giggles as well as unexpected surprise for your guest of honour. We now also do bespoke mini versions (40cm) to sit on your desk… and they don’t have to be humans, pets can be done as well which make great birthday presents!

Personalised Party Invitations

Personalised party invites are a great way to get the message out and ensure everyone makes it to the party. There’s no room for doubt as to who the party is for and you can even add a note on what you’d like people to bring with them to the party – perhaps you’d like them to bring a bottle or a specific gift or just themselves. Include an RSVP so you can keep track of who’s coming and how much food you’ll need. Personalised party invites are easy to make - just type in what you want written and we shall do the rest!

Personalised Masks


These are great fun for any party – another unusual personalised accessory that people won’t expect. You can imagine the sort of daft shenanigans that people get up to with these personalised party masks – previous customers have held parties where every mask is of the birthday girl, a little bit freaky for the birthday girl but so much fun! All you have to do is to send us your chosen photo and we’ll do the rest. As you can imagine, personalised party masks will certainly lead to some rather amusing party photos and enjoyable memories as well. They’re surprisingly low cost and will make a great addition to your party.

Personalised Party Poppers

Personalised poppers are a simple, tiny, yet welcome addition to your party. They’ll make any table look extra special and any party go off with a bang. They can be used for birthdays, hen parties and weddings. With all sorts of personalisation options including names, dates, celebration types and more.

Personalised Ribbons & Sashes


All hen parties need a sash for the bride, the bridesmaids and even the mums of the bride and the groom.  They can be designed in all different colours and all different writing on the back and the front.

Personalised Party Bags

personalised-sealed-party-bags-35496 Competition with children parties can be quite high, where the mums try to out-do another party, so these personalised bags will have any mum pushed up the rankings of the ‘Party to Attend’. Party bags always go down and storm, so you can imagine what a hit personalised bags are and they’re surprisingly cheap too!

Personalised Sweets


Nothing gives a good sugar high like sweets with your name on them! These perfectly personalised party sweets will look lovely on any wedding table or hen party table. Love hearts come with their own labels to say ‘Lucy’s Hen Party’ or ‘Will & Lucy’s Wedding’. We now also provide the little chocolate hearts, which will be great little wedding favours.   So those are some of our ideas for personalising your party to make it even more special. Don’t forget Party Packs when it comes to all your personalised party supplies, accessories and decorations.      


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