Ghoulish Halloween Costume Ideas For The Kids

Ghoulish Halloween Costume Ideas For The Kids

Halloween is a great time of year for little children – an excuse to dress up, stay up late and stuff their faces full of sweets, what more could a child ask for? Kids Halloween costumes can vary for the simple to the sophisticated. But if you’re taking them out trick or treating around your local neighbourhood or just to a friend’s Halloween party then you’ll want them to look the part. A great costume can only require a few simple elements – the main outfit, some face paint, the right accessories and of course the essential bag for collecting sweets. iStock_000026931373XSmall

Variety is The Spice of Halloween

From tiny devils to little witches, small skeletons and miniature blood suckers – there are plenty of choices for fancy dress costumes for you little ones.
  • Devils & Tiny Pitchforks – they’re probably little devils already and with a heavy dose of sugary sweets your children are bound to be even more of a (lovable) menace. So equip them with the appropriate devils pitchfork, some tiny red horns and a matching outfit to achieve the proper look that will match their mood.
  • Wicked Witches & Wizards – Halloween is traditionally a pagan celebration, so it makes sense for there to be plenty of children running about dressed as witches and their counterparts. As long as they aren’t actually practicing any black magic or dark arts it shouldn’t be much of a problem. Both sorts of costume are relatively easy to make and easily identifiable. For a witch – a tall hat pointy hat and a broom stick will create the desired effect. For wizards, a long fake beard, floppy hat and a wand will achieve excellent results.  Harry Potter style outfits are obviously popular in recent years and would certainly work well at a Hogwarts themed Halloween party.
  • Scary Skeletons – probably one of the easiest costumes around to make (and to wear) the skeleton outfit is a perfect choice for the fussy child who doesn’t like to be interfered with too much. Chances are children will love the outfit though. Black outfits embellished with white bones will look really great at night where just the bones stand out in the moonlight as you stalk around the neighbourhood trying to find people to open their door to you. Combine with a black light at a party and you’ve got a smart glow-in-the-dark outfit that’ll be the talk of the town.
  • Tiny Bloodsuckers – the ever popular vampire fancy dress costume works as well for children as it does for adults. With a cape, fake fangs, a smattering of fake blood and a smart little suit, you can turn your little monsters into dashingly handsome vampires with a taste for sweets and jelly.
  • Corpse Brides & Zombies – there’s probably a bit of a debate about whether it’s appropriate to dress your children up as the undead but there’s no denying they’d look marvellous. There’s plenty of choice here too, from beautiful brides to brain munching zombies, you can let your children choose their own. Little girls will love the excuse to dress up as a bride, while boys will no doubt want to be as gruesome as possible.
  • Swashbuckling Pirates – There’s perhaps no greater fantasy for kids than becoming a pirate, hoisting the Jolly Roger and sailing the 7 seas. But a fancy dress costume is the next best thing. With a sword or cutlass, eye patch, hat, pet parrot and other great gear you can transform your children into daring and swashbuckling pirates, just be prepared for the mayhem to unfold.
  • Pumpkins – these favoured vegetables are traditionally closely associated to the season, so why not dress your children up as one? A fantastically simple kids costume that will go down a storm.
  • Face Paint & Makeup – a good Halloween costume for children can easily be enhanced further with the addition of some simple makeup or (if you’re feeling brave) a proper face painting. These will transform your children’s outfit and are the perfect finishing touch they need.
So there you have it, a selection of ideas for fancy dress costumes for children. Hopefully you’ve found some inspiration for your upcoming Halloween plans. product_90305_1_orig product_94187_1_orig product_85890_1_orig

Awards For Best Costumes

If you’re throwing a Halloween party for your young ones and inviting plenty of their friends,  why not hold a contest for the best Halloween costume? Children who made the most effort get to take home a coveted skeleton costume and become reigning champion for this year- turn it into a yearly event to encourage even more amusing and entertaining costumes next time! If you’ve got some great Halloween costume ideas or have something that worked really well for your children, why not share it with us in the comments.    


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