Halloween Fancy Dress Costume Ideas For The Ladies


So, it’s coming to that time of year again; it’s getting colder, darker and more miserable. But it’s not all bad. The end of October spells the beginning of Halloween – alongside April fools, probably the best date in the year to get up to shenanigans. This period of Pagan influenced celebration sees us getting up to all sorts of things from attending themed parties, to decorating, carving and generally massacring pumpkins. Depending on your disposition, mood and taste in ‘scary’ things, what you choose to do on Halloween may be very different to the next person. Some people opt for the simple gestures - lighting bonfires, decorating their homes with skeletons, cob webs and other ‘scary’ items or just answering their door with a bowl full of sweets to any small child who might be trekking the neighbourhood ‘trick or treating’. For those with more of a party spirit, full-blown Halloween parties may be the aim of the day. With the house suitably adorned with a range of spooky decorations, banners and scene setters, there’s only music, food, guests and entertainment to worry about. Activities like apple bobbing, scary storytelling, prank pulling and sticking on a traditional horror movie might be sufficient entertainment for your guests.


Choosing The Right Halloween Costume

Whether you’re having a party, going out trick or treating or just staying in with a few friends and watching something scary on the box, Halloween is the perfect excuse for getting dressed up in something special. There are plenty of Halloween fancy dress costumes available out there, so it shouldn’t be too hard to come up with some ideas to suit your personal taste or the look you’re trying to achieve.

Halloween Costume Ideas For Women

Us ladies love a good excuse to dress up and Halloween is the perfect time of year for letting your hair down and showing your more sinister, cheeky or daring side. You might already have an idea on the sort of fancy dress costume you’d like to wear or perhaps you’re looking for some inspiration – we can help…

Something Sexy, Slutty or Slinky

Scary things are overrated! Halloween is all about getting heart’s racing. So whether you do that by jumping out of a cupboard on someone while brandishing a large kitchen knife or by donning a skimpy outfit that’ll get the men all hot and bothered, it all has the same effect. If you’re looking for a Halloween fancy dress costume that makes the most of your figure or will just get heads turning, then there’s plenty of options available, here’s some examples:
  • Horny Devils –these she-devil costumes include everything from pointy horns to heart attack inducing plunging neck lines. Accessorise these fancy dress costumes with a wings, Satan’s pitchfork and a range of jewellery and you’re going to create a brilliant devil costume that will certainly heat things up!
  • Evil Clowns – these sorts of outfits carefully bridge the gap between the sexy and the scary, depending on how you feel about clowns. You might want to bear that in mind when choosing an evil clown costume for Halloween. Are your intended victims going to be sent running for the hills at the sight of you dressed as a clown? Coulrophobia (fear of clowns) is a real thing after all. product_80956_1_orig Cirque Sinister Bo Bo The Clown
  • Wicked Witches – dressing up as a witch at Halloween is so popular and common it’s almost a cliché, but then witchcraft and things of that nature are probably the only things that remain true to the original pagan tradition, so where’s the harm. There are plenty of slightly racy wicked witch Halloween costumes to choose from, so you’re bound to find something that suits you. product_85837_1_orig Wicked Witch
  • Naughty Nurses – are sexy nurse costumes really appropriate for Halloween? Probably not. Not unless you’re intending to take someone’s pulse or tend to someone that happens to have lost a limb. But that doesn’t mean that plenty of people don’t wear them anyway. There’s a good reason they’re popular and if you’re trying to get attention from the gentlemen at the party, then these are certainly going to have the desired effect.


Something Slightly Scarier

As a woman, if you’re looking for Halloween costume ideas that are a bit more traditional, then there’s still plenty of options to look great and make everyone jump!
  • Ghastly Ghosts & Ghouls – hauntingly spooky, these costumes require a little bit more effort, but with the addition of gothic makeup and plenty of black nail polish and eye-liner you can really create something a bit spookier. From gothic brides to ghastly widows, these costumes are gruesomely good fun for the Halloween period.
  • Horror Dolls – there’s something undeniably creepy about a doll that moves. Get this sort of Halloween costume right and you’re instantly on to a winner. With good preparation and awkward, doll-like movements, you’re bound to put the frighteners on those around you. From living dead dolls to female Chucky costumes, there are plenty of options for your Halloween costume this year.
  • Wicked Fairy tales – some of the traditional fairy tales (especially those by the brothers Grimm) have a nasty twist in their tails. These costumes are no different. Imagine if Snow White took to the dark side or Dorothy decided she’d rather kill everyone in Kansas than click her heels together three times to get back there. These are probably the best costume choice for anyone looking to do something slightly different an unexpected. Scary fairy tale costumes are certainly bound to raise an eyebrow or two. product_89154_1_orig Repulsive Rapunzel
  • Zombies – what would a Halloween party be without at least one person groaning ‘braaaaaaaaaiiiinnns’. Zombies are extremely popular lately so, they’re an easy choice if you’re stuck for costume ideas. There’s plenty of choice too, from zombie nurses, to sailors, nuns, gladiators and cheerleaders. Bring out your inner zombie and get ready to munch some human flesh.
  • Vampires – the other classic favourite, the female vampire is an easy choice that shouldn’t be too quickly dismissed. A great outfit that can be made your own with a splash of fake blood, sharp fangs and even a set of bat wings. No one will accuse you of sucking in this getup!
product_90394_1_orig Vampire Fairy So there you have it, some of our ideas of fancy dress costumes for the ladies. Stop back soon when we’ll consider outfits for men, couples and children too! What are you planning for your Halloween party? Let us know in the comments. For more inspiration visit our Halloween Fancy Dress board on Pinterest  Fancy Dress


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