Halloween Party Themes for under £20 | Creepy Carnival & Haunted Asylum

Halloween Party Themes for under £20 | Creepy Carnival & Haunted Asylum

Stuck for ideas for a Halloween Party Theme?

Look no further - here are two quick and easy Halloween themes you can achieve for under £20

Creepy Carnival - TOTAL COST £18.12

'Coulrophobia' or the fear of clowns is something most of us can identify with and horror films have a rich history of turning them from a silly circus act to the sinister stuff of nightmares.

Welcome to the spine tingling world of the creepy carnival! With scary clown characters lurking in the shadows and gruesome carnival decorations your guests are sure to be freaked out this Halloween! Think of Stephen King's film IT to get you on the right track.  We've got some great creepy carnival and circus themed Halloween ideas for you to decorate your whole party for under £20! For more ideas and fancy dress costumes have a look at our Creepy Carnival pinterest board At only £6.90 and containing 33 different items this Creepy Carnival Scene Setter Decoration Kit  is a really cost effective way to scare away those pesky trick or treaters! Place the large menacing clown faces on the inside of your front windows to get the full effect. Creepy Carnival Scene Setter Decoration Kit Inside use another Creepy Carnival Scene Setter Decoration Kit to decorate your party - another great value pack of 32 items including background sheets and loads of different cut outs you can place around the room for only £5.94! Creepy Carnival Scene Setter Decoration Kit To cover other spaces such as garden or shed walls, this huge Creepy Carnival Plastic Banner is perfect for only £2.10. Creepy Carnival Plastic Banner But my personal favourite has to be this creepy clown toilet grabber - makes me shudder just looking at it. Imagine the screams when Aunty Doris has had a few too many and is confronted with this! Halloween Creepy Clown Toilet Grabber

Haunted Hospital- TOTAL COST £18.48

From sinister clowns to a gory blood fest! Whether you're locking your guests up in the asylum for the night or admitting them into the haunted hospital we have everything you need to set the scene. We've taken inspiration from Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Silence of the Lambs and the British horror film Creep amongst others. Take a look at our gruesome selection of props and decorations. These huge 30ft Bloody Wall Backdrop room setters are a quick and easy way to cover the walls and get your venue looking sickeningly realistic for only £13.14! Halloween Bloody Wall Backdrop These body part sheets of hanging limbs work really well in conjunction with the bloody sheet scene setters to create a truly gruesome backdrop - Chop Shop Meat Market Hanging Limbs £2.94 Chop Shop Meat Market Hanging Limbs Cover the under the stairs cupboard with a Sinister Surgery Printed Cutout - 90p product_101248_1_orig Then to complete the effect stick these Halloween Bloody Hands Clings and splats on every available surface £1.50 Halloween Bloody Hand Decal Stickers

Easy Halloween Food

Rather than spending hours preparing a buffet why not make these fun and gruesome severed finger hot dogs. Perfect for both creepy carnival and haunted hospital themes. They couldn’t be simpler to make; Just prepare hot dogs as you normally would, then slice off a thin section to look like the finger nail.  Then make a few cuts with a knife for the knuckles, liberally add ketchup to a hot dog bun and lay the hot dog fingers on top. You could also use guacamole for a rotten flesh effect. For more Creepy Carnival and Haunted Asylum decorations, fancy dress and tableware or to browse our other Halloween party themes visit our Halloween Shop...if you dare!


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