Halloween Pumpkins Without The Risk Of Fire

Halloween Pumpkins Without The Risk Of Fire

I have mentioned before that my little girl's birthday is the day after Halloween and that I plan to theme her parties around the event until she tells me she never wants to dress up as a witch again!

Pumpkins are a big part of Halloween but having candles in them can be a worry, especially with young children. I recently came across a photo of Pinterest which suggested using glowsticks instead of candles and I couldn't believe what a simple but brilliant idea it was and decided to give it a go.

Here are the results...

Pumpkins using glowsticks

pumpkins using glowsticks

pumpkins using glowsticks

I apologise for the terrible photo quality and terrible pumpkin carving but you can see that it really does work well.

We sell glowsticks in a large range of colours so if you wanted to give it a go then you can make sure your pumpkins stand out from the rest!

And please do send us in photos of your pumpkins - good or bad!


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