Halloween Themes for under £25 | The Scariest Halloween Themes for the Least Scary Price!

Halloween Themes for under £25 | The Scariest Halloween Themes for the Least Scary Price!

Huzzah! It's nearly that time of year again - I cannot tell you how much I love Halloween. I love to dress up, decorate the house and although I'm a bit old for trick or treating now, I do love a Halloween party - one year I managed to attend 3 different Halloween parties! I also love throwing my own Halloween party, but the only problem with throwing your own is that every year you want to have a different theme  which can end up getting expensive. I've found with halloween party themes, it's all about coverage - aim to cover as many surfaces, walls etc for as little money as possible. With that in mind, here's my guide to the best Halloween themes for under £25.

Haunted Hospital/Asylum Themed Halloween Party

Haunted Hospital Asylum Themed Halloween Party A truly creepy Halloween theme, the old abandoned hospital theme or old mental asylums is a great backdrop to a Halloween party. Think lots of blood and gore, weird experiments gone wrong, escaped patients, bloody sheets, bloody handprints and body parts!Haunted Hospital/Asylum Themed Halloween Party Scene Setters Decorations Pack Sinister Surgery Mega Pack Decorating Kit -  This gory asylum scene is not for the faint of heart! In this pack you will receive 32 items including gory posters and accessories for you to transform your home into a haunted hospital. Decorations include terrifying nurses and patients, rats, bloody handprints, sinister signs and scary tools. Amazing value at £8.82 Pack contains: 2 giant posters measuring 1.65m x 82.5cm, 1.65m 30 paper cutout decorations measuring between 3cm and 35cm Bloody handprints Haunted Hospital/Asylum Themed Halloween Party Scene Setters Decorations Halloween Bloody Hands Clings This Pack of bloody handprints is a great way to decorate windows or doors so it looks like the inmates are trying to escape the asylum. £1.50 Bloody Door Keep Out Haunted Hospital/Asylum Themed Halloween Party Scene Setters Decorations Dripping Blood Door Gore - Gruesome and gory, this transparent dripping blood door sign will make a perfect, haunting addition to the front door of your creepy hospital Halloween party. 1.65m x 85.1cm. £2.34 Locked Door Keep Out Haunted Hospital/Asylum Themed Halloween Party Decorations Sinister Surgery Printed CutoutThis cutout is not for the faint-hearted! Stick this freaky asylum cutout to any door or wall to give your guests a scare. Choose the door to a seldom-used cupboard for example under the stairs or even in the bathroom, for the best effect, it will get your guests talking! 90p each x 3 = £2.70

Bloody Gauze Haunted Hospital/Asylum Themed Halloween Party Decorations

Bloody Gauze Draping - Perfect for displaying on staircases, tables or for draping from the ceiling, this white medical style gauze is stained all over with fake blood and is sure to shock your guests! This bloody gauze draping measures 45.7cm x 2.4m and will add a perfectly gruesome touch to your halloween. £3.90

Halloween Party Bloody dripping blood tape decorations

All Weather Dripping Blood Party Tape - Decorating tape with Dripping Blood design; wrap around any table or bannister, or drape from the ceiling - the perfect product to 'spook' up a Halloween party! All-weather, measures 30.5cm x 7.6m (12" x 25'). £5.22

Total Cost  £24.48 View the full Haunted Hospital/Asylum Halloween Party range

Gothic Themed Halloween Party

Gothic Themed Halloween Party A more traditional Halloween party theme, the gothic Halloween theme is all about black and red, glamour and graveyards - think Adams family, Tim Burton films, bats, vampires, candle sticks, skulls, cobwebs and pumpkins. Make sure you have low lighting and cover everything in sight with cobwebs and lots of candles - use LED ones to be on the safe side. Gothic Themed Halloween Party decorations kit, skulls, bats, spiders Glitter Chandelier Kit - This amazing value fun, glitter chandelier kit contains a fabulous assortment of 17 sparkly halloween hanging card cutouts. It's perfect for creating the ultimate Gothic and spooky scene at your halloween party! Each item is black and finished with a lovely, black glitter surface. £6.95 Contains: 1 x Chandelier 40.6cm 2 x Skull Cutouts 12.7cm 2 x Bat Cutouts 11.4cm 2 x Raven Cutouts 19cm 2 x Spider Cutouts 13.3cm 2 x Spider Cutouts 9.2cm 2 x Spider Swirl Decs 60.9cm 2 x Raven Swirl Decs 60.9cm 2 x Skull Decs 60.9cm Gothic Themed Halloween Party Decorations - bats

Joke Scary Bats - Decorate your table, chairs and windows with these scary joke bats in black. They come in a pack of 8, just perfect for distributing around a room at Halloween. You could even stick to windows or tie string on them and dangle form the ceiling. Each bat measures 7.6cm x 11.4cm (3" x 4 1/2"). £1.50

Gothic Themed Halloween Party Decorations - Mansion Room Decorations

Gothic Mansion Room Rolls - Add a touch of Gothic Glamour to your venue this Halloween with these creepy, Gothic Mansion room rolls - 6m x 1.2m (Each Roll) - Pack of 2. (When assembled measures 8ft by 20ft). They're not the cheapest item, but they cover a huge area and you can easily cover a whole room for the ultimate gothic mansion effect. £11.10

Use with scene setters such as these Gothic Mansion Long Hallway Scene Setters (shown above) - 1.65m - Pack of 2 £2.70

Total cost £23.64 View the full Gothic Halloween range

Zombie Themed Halloween Party

Zombie Themed Halloween Party Zombies are a great Halloween theme for both fancy dress and Halloween party decorations and it's easy to recreate. You can use old sheets (or buy from charity shop) to rip up and dirty to cover over anything in your house which looks too clean and new. Take inspiration from  The Walking Dead, Shaun of the Dead, 28 days later and World War Z. Think derelict houses, torn and tattered curtains, police tape, danger signs and broken off body parts.  Zombie party decorations - bloody footprints

Bloody Footprints Floor Gore - 5 bloody footprint and 5 blood splatter stickers for your floor. This could be the perfect decoration for your venue this Halloween! Sticks safely to most linoleum, tiles and carpets. Removes easily after use. Not recommended for wood floors. Sheet measures 61cm x 22cm. £2.34

Zombie party decorations - zombie lab, do not open, poster, door cover

Zombies lab door cover, with biohazard warning, 'DO NOT OPEN - ZOMBIES' message, and gory zombie hands creeping around the door. Decoration measures 76.2cm x 1.52m (30" x 5'). Suitable for indoor & outdoor use. £4.62

Zombie party decorations - poster, door cover Zombie Door Poster - This would work well on a door, shed or other wooden surface 91.4cm x 1.83m (3' x 6') £2.70

Zombie party decorations - zombie toilet grabber decorations

This zombie toilet seat grabber is truly terrifying! What could be worse than a zombie trying to get you? Maybe a zombie trying to get you on the toilet! Well at least you wont have queues to the bathroom at your zombie party Zombie party decorations - zombie decorating kit, scene setter

Zombie Decorating Kit - These terrifying zombie outbreak wall decorations are the perfect addition to any zombie Halloween party. Each poster and banner features various zombie themed graphics, including biohazard signs, warning signs and the zombies themselves! Amazing value for only £ 6.78 Zombie wall decorations include: 2 Posters, 1.65m x 82.5cm 30 Assorted cut-outs, from 5cm to 43cm

Zombie party decorations - zombie watch poster

Zombie watch poster -  Protect your neighbourhood from the living dead with this authentic looking zombie watch sign in vivid black, red and white. Poster is A3 size and printed onto thick, quality card. £2.34

Zombie party decorations - beware warning tape

All weather "BEWARE" party tape - Cove the front door, windows and garden gate with this beware tape to warn guests of the horrors of the zombies within - measuring 7.6cm x 6m (3" x 20'). £2.22 Zombie party decorations - zombie light up window decorations

Zombies Light Up Window Posters - Your interior lighting makes these terrifying zombie posters glow! Just fix them to any large window, or trim them down for smaller windows, to give your home a unique creepy look this Halloween! Each poster measures 1.65m x 85cm. Sold as a pack of 2.  £3.42

Zombie Party - Total Cost = £25.02 View the full Zombie Halloween theme party range Save


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