Host your memorable gender reveal party

Host your memorable gender reveal party

Gender reveal parties are the new fun way of finding out whether you're having a boy or girl. So I thought I'd compile a few ideas of a party theme that helps to keep the big secret until you decide to reveal! I've incorporated ideas for decorating, games, cake topper's and the most important part, how to reveal your baby's gender. How do I do it?


The whole idea of the gender reveal party is to not give away the big secret. So why not hang these 'Girl or Boy' and 'which will it be' banner's, to help add to the suspense. baby shower Pack of 2 letter banners By keeping to the colour scheme of using both blue and pink, not only will it keep your guests guessing, but will make any space look perfect. Let's be honest you could just go down the route of decorating with neutral colours, but that's predictable. Keep people guessing with your decor.


No 'Mummy To Be' can have a gender reveal party without cake. That's a fact! Decorate a simple Victoria sponge with this baby grow bunting decoration. product_100746_1_orig You could try and copy this cake decoration if you're feeling adventurous!                 Why not serve your buffet on these cute gender reveal square plates. product_105351_1_orig These 9" plates come in a pack of 8 Don't forget to add the gender reveal matching napkins, cups and table covers. product_105350_1_orig Gender reveal range Or if you're a little like me, and don't like to have everything completely matching, you can opt for a mix and match of blue and pink table ware instead.


One great way to start the fun, is to bring out this 'measure the bump' game. Measure the bump game Measure the bump game A great thing about this, is that anyone can join in. Simply cut the tape measure into sections and hand to your guests and the closest player to your bump size will win. Simple and fun, but not too strenuous on the new mummy to be. Other quick ideas for fun are these pre printed 'baby guess game' and 'baby shower bingo. Learn more about the new parents to be Learn more about the new parents to be

Reveal ideas

I am an absolute sucker for anything that reminds me of my childhood, and when I came across this I thought, its just one of the most fun ways of finding out the gender of your baby. product_105384_1_orig Gender reveal piñata Pinata's may very well remind you of any child's birthday party, but I think it's giving us the first amazing idea. Fill this gender reveal piñata with our gender specific piñata fillers. Of course you need to ensure you pick the right colour!             product_97509_1_orig These stunning balloons are 36" and come in a pack of 3 Another way to help with the massive reveal, would be to fill one of our vintage affair giant white latex balloons with confetti (Obviously the confetti having to match that of the gender). What an easy thing to do. Maybe not be my first choice, mainly because the thought of popping a balloon completely freaks me out, but it truly will make a magical moment.       My last idea for the big reveal is one that I have seen on copious amounts of videos. So it's not really my idea however one that I think needs to be mentioned. product_97533_1_orig What's it going to be.... Blue or Pink? Gender reveal cupcakes Send your results to a friend or family member. Their main job is to pass this on to a cake maker (without having a sneaky peak). Get some beautiful gender reveal cupcakes made in the colour sponge of your big surprise! A great way to do it but also one for all those with a sweet tooth. And finally a message to the 'mummy to be'.... Relax. Save


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