Top 5 Ideas for the Perfect Night In!

Top 5 Ideas for the Perfect Night In!

The festive season is the perfect time to host a night in.  Escape the chilly winter cold and gather your friends or family for an evening of quality time together!  

At Party Packs, we love to celebrate. But throwing a party doesn't always have to mean a big venue with lots of people! A get together at home is sometimes a much better way of really catching up and enjoying each others company. Invite your nearest and dearest round for an evening of fun and entertainment. If you're looking for ways to host a gathering at home, we've got something for everyone, from hen party ideas and pamper parties to action packed games nights for the family and more.

Here's a countdown of our top 5 nights in!


Games Night


A games night is a classic for a night in. With something for all age groups, entertain the kids, family and embrace your inner child with a fantastic range of puzzles and games to choose from at Party Packs! Board games don't need to be boring- we've got the perfect way to mix up tradition with GIANT games.

Giant Jenga



Create some fun in your living room with this giant tower game. This supersize version of a family favourite is perfect for get togethers at home. Clear a space in the room and stack the wooden blocks up in layers of three then take turns to each carefully pull out a tile and place it on top of the tower until it finally topples over. Just make sure you move anything breakable out of the way and you're good to go! 


Giant Connect 4


Why not entertain the whole family with this Giant Connect 4 Game?! Relive your childhood with a retro classic. Take turns to slot the discs into the frame until someone gets a line of 4. Featured on This Morning as one of Trevor and Simon's best toys for adults!


Check out our Party Games page or enter 'giant games' in the search bar on our website for more including chess, snakes and ladders and dominoes. 


Pamper Party


Get your cosiest PJ's, fuzziest slippers and dressing gowns on for the ultimate pamper party. A great way to wind down and share time with your closest friends. Host a sleepover, slumber party or movie marathon and invite all your besties. If you're a maid of honour planning a hen party for a bride-to-be, a pamper party is a great way to get the girls together for some quality time before your best friend ties the knot! Think face masks, relax time, treats and spoiling yourselves!


Personalised Champagne & Prosecco Flutes

Personalised Champagne & Prosecco Flute Glass White - 175ml - Each 


Sip some bubbles with these personalised champagne flutes. These customisable flutes come with name stickers for each one of your friends for a truly personal touch. Once your face masks are on and you're ready to relax, hand them round and get the drinks flowing. If you're staying away with the girls for a hen do, these non-glass flutes are ideal for the hot tub party if you're lucky enough to have one! Each flute is 100% biodegradable and eco-friendly too.


Treat Yourself Doughnut Wall



Treat yourself and your friends with this delicious doughnut wall! With enough hooks to hang 9 doughnuts, this table feature is perfect for a get together with friends. Lay out a spread of goodies for you all to enjoy while you relax and put your feet up. 


Personalised Party Bag Stickers

 Personalised Boho Flowers Party Bag Stickers


Put together a selection of goodies for your pamper night. Fill up a selection of paper party bags with face masks, creams, lotions for each friend to use. Add some mini chocolates too! Design a personalised sticker to seal the bags with and we'll print them for you!



Murder Mystery Night


If you and your friends are the type to love a 'who done it', watch all the detective TV shows and relish a challenge then a murder mystery night is the perfect night in! Assign a different character to each one of your guests. By giving out their trait cards and occupation cards before they come to your party, you can get everyone to dress up for the occasion and encourage them to stay in character all night. Add little forfeits throughout the evening for those that slip.  


Host Your Own Murder Mystery Game

Host Your Own Murder Mystery Game


This pack includes:

  1. Instruction booklet and a welcome speech for the host
  2. 12 x place cards for all of your guests
  3. 12 x Name cards
  4. 12 x Trait Cards
  5. 12 x Occupation Cards
  6. 12 x Murder weapon props
  7. 2 x Police Crime files
  8. 28x Murder Clues
  9. 48x Accusation forms
  10. 6x solutions
  11. 3x award trophies


Police Crime Scene Tape


Tape this police line around your living room to set the scene for the murder mystery! 


CSI Evidence Floor Decorations




Decorate the floor with these crime scene evidence stickers to throw your guests off the scent or give them clues!


Sherlock Holmes Photo Stand In Prop 


Lighten the mood and capture pictures of your event with this Sherlock Holmes stand in photo prop.  


Wine Tasting Party


For the wine lovers out there, this night in is sure to be a treat. Make all of your guests merry! How does it work? Everyone brings along a bottle of their choice. Once all your friends have arrived at the party, all they have to do is place their bottle into one of the Hessian wine bottle bags so that it can be disguised for later. Then the fun can begin. Each guest tastes each of the bottles and scores it on our 5 categories.  Obviously, the more people, the more wine!! As it only comes with 3 Hessian bottle covers, you can just rotate and do them in stages. Remember to jot down the order of the bottles tasted. 


Host Your Own Wine Tasting Night Game



This comes complete with:

  1. 100 wine trivia facts and 2 cheat sheets.
  2. Score Cards for your guests.
  3. A pad of Wine Glass tags.
  4. Wine nerd glasses.
  5. A wine connoisseur crown.
  6. Drinking expert crown.
  7. A sommelier bow tie.


What a fun way to have a good time and spend some quality time with your closest friends.


Poker Party


Whether you're playing for money or just for the fun of it, you can bet a poker party is a perfect choice of night in for the risk takers! If you love to play cards, get a group together for a fun night of gambling chips. For your guests that can't play poker, why not set up a roulette wheel table and get some Blackjack on the go too. 


Casino Decoration Pack


Transform your living room into a Vegas casino with this all-in-one decorating kit!


Casino Personalised Banner

Add a personalised touch to your casino night with this customisable banner. Add a message for your guests and we'll make it up for you!


Host Your Own Casino Night Kit


Get everything you need for your poker night right here. This amazing pack contains:

  • Roulette wheel
  • 200 Poker Chips
  • Dealer Chip
  • Roulette game mat
  • Poker Game Mat
  • Blackjack Game Mat
  • Pretend Play Money (or if you're feeling brave, use your own!)
  • 2 Roulette Balls
  • Rules Booklet
  • 2 Decks of Playing Cards
  • Croupier Stick
  • Croupier Bow Tie


Casino Selfie Kit


Take some fun snaps of your event with these Vegas casino themed photo booth props!


Casino Themed Card Suit Glasses




Get your guests in themed fancy dress for your casino night in. These card suit glasses help to hide their poker faces too!


If you liked our top 5 ideas for a night in, let us know in the comments.



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