Independence Day BBQ Ideas - July 4th

Independence Day BBQ Ideas - July 4th

Independence Day is widely known for it's extravagant celebrations in pure pride for the day the United States of America separated to become it's very own state. Since then, it has been a day worthy of a party full of fun, thrilling fireworks and amazing food. Such a momentous day is a perfect way to spend some quality time with friends and family. I mean, why not have an all American themed BBQ this 4th July!

Independence Day - Tableware

Let's be honest. When celebrating an event like this, keeping your decor the colours of the American flag is a must. Quirky tablecloths, plates and cutlery is a must have! American Inspired Tableware Why not fill these funky popcorn paper bags with your favourite crisps and treats and dot around the food table or even garden! Fun Popcorn Paper Party Bags If we are keeping the BBQ American themed then you MUST have these 'American Flag Picks' which can be placed into your burgers. We also have these lovely Red, Silver and Blue star picks which would look great on the food table. American Flag Picks Red, Silver and Blue Flag Picks

Independence Day - Favours

Seeing as the kids will be playing outside in this glorious sunshine (let's hope it lasts). These American themed bubbles will be a fun favour and game. USA Inspired Bubbles You could even give everyone at the BBQ one of these American Flag inspired tattoos onto their faces! American Flag Inspired Tattoos This amazing inflatable helmet will give another fun game for the kids to play! Why not get one each and they could play a game of American football on the grass with these on! Even the adults could join in. American Football Helmet Inflatable

Independence Day - Masks

These fun 'American' inspired masks will be the best at the BBQ. Imagine Barack Obama cooking your BBQ or Donald Trump serving up the cocktails. Funky Face Masks For more American inspired products visit >> Party Packs American Products


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