Send A Balloon - Inflated Helium Balloons Delivered to Your Door!

Send A Balloon - Inflated Helium Balloons Delivered to Your Door!

Inflated Balloon Bundles

Explore our fantastic collection of Inflated Balloons at Party Packs! If you’re looking for a unique gift for a friend or loved one, a Balloon in a Box is the perfect choice of present. Celebrate any special occasion with pre-inflated balloons. The ultimate doorstep gift, these balloons are a great upgrade on the traditional birthday card – not only do they include a personalised tag with your own message, they float for up to a week as a wonderful decoration! Dispatched the day before your celebration, these balloons make an ideal last minute present for someone special.

From birthdays to anniversaries there are so many occasions that we’d love to share with our loved ones, but sadly, we can’t always be there in person! A Balloon in Box gift is the perfect way to brighten up someone’s day, wish them many happy returns, and let them know you care.

Balloon Bundles

Place your order on our website – customise your message card and choose the date you’d like your balloon gift to arrive. We’ll inflate your balloons, assemble them with ribbon and a balloon weight, package them up and send them out to arrive on your chosen date. When your friend or loved one answers the door, they’ll be met with an exciting delivery. As they curiously open up their parcel, they’ll be greeted with a wonderful balloon which will pop up out of the box for the ultimate surprise!

Not only do these balloons make great gifts - if you’re celebrating on a budget, pre-inflated balloons are a great way to manage the cost of your party. Helium canisters tend to be on the expensive side, and if you’re just inflating one or two balloons you might not need to use a whole cylinder of gas. Our Balloon in Box products come pre-inflated complete with ribbon and weight, and with no need to factor in the price of helium, you’re sure to make great savings on your party supplies.


Inflated Balloon for a Special Occasion

Balloon in a Box

Our standard Send a Balloon option is the perfect way to celebrate a friend or loved one’s special occasion! This Balloon in Box contains one single 18” round foil balloon in a design of your choice, with ribbon and balloon weight.

At Party Packs, we have inflated balloons for every special occasion under the sun! For birthdays, find ‘Happy Birthday’ in a range of designs plus an array different age decorated balloons for children, and milestone birthdays for adults. Celebrate any anniversary or a seasonal event you can think of with colourful balloons for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Easter, Christmas and a Happy New Year! Congratulate a friend on their special news, with a ‘Congratulations’ balloon for every significant life event, from graduation to a new born baby! It’s all those little milestones in life that make it special, and with a Balloon in Box, you’ll make sure these moments get the celebration they deserve. 

Send A Balloon 

There's a lot to like about our Standard Balloon in Box option. A singular inflated balloon is an excellent choice for modest budgets, at just £11.95 plus delivery charge! If your friend or loved one receiving the balloon lives in a smaller house or flat, you may want to consider a Standard Balloon in Box over a giant Balloon Bundle, to suit the space in their home.


Add Your Message Personalised Inflated Balloons

Personalised Inflated Balloons

Bring the wow factor to your celebration with a fabulous range of personalised message balloons. This balloon box contains one giant round orb balloon with personalised message in metallic text, fastened with a tassel balloon tail and foil balloon weight. The size of these balloons creates a truly impressive display. Mostly clear, transparent balloons, you'll find one stunning rainbow ombre balloon to personalise, plus some filled with confetti, and even feathers! Go that little bit extra to make someone feel special. You can personalise your inflated balloon with a message of up to five words.


Add Your Photo Personalised Inflated Balloons

Personalised Inflated Photo Balloons

Customised photo balloons are one of the most popular choices of decoration at Party Packs! With our Personalised Inflated Photo Balloons, you can add a message an image of your choice to a helium inflated balloon. This amazing Send-A-Balloon option contains one large photo balloon with a balloon weight and ribbon attached. Select the perfect balloon for your friend or loved one from a range of designs, including Birthday Glitz Rose Gold, Blue, Black or Pink and Rainbow Celebration, made to match our decorations and tableware. Upload any photo and customise with your own text. These balloons float for up to a week or longer, and once deflated they make great keepsakes as a memory from a special occasion.

Add Your Age Inflated Number Balloons

Inflated Number Balloons

Celebrate a special milestone birthday with giant inflated number balloons. Select any age of your choice in colour options of Gold, Silver, Rose Gold, Pink or Blue to match your decorations. Right on trend and perfect for birthday photos, these number balloons measure 35” (88cm) each, for an impressive display in any home or venue! Two numbers are ideal for any age. We’ll inflate them with helium and attach a ribbon and balloon weight to both balloons, before sending them off too your chosen recipient.

Great for kids’ birthdays, individual number balloons make an exciting surprise for a little one's big day! A single number balloon is fantastic value at only £14.99 plus the cost of delivery.


Choose Your Theme Inflated Balloon Bundles

Themed Inflated Balloon Bundles

Themed balloon bundles are the ultimate inflated balloon gift! Spoil someone special with a bouquet of balloons perfect for them.    

Find a pre-inflated balloon bouquet for every theme, occasion and seasonal event, including Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day and New Year’s Eve. Discover seasonal inflated balloons for all kinds of festivities, from tropical drink and ice cream balloon bundles for summer celebrations to Christmas Balloon Boxes bursting with snowflakes, candy canes and ginger bread men.



Balloon in a Box


Inflated balloon bundles for children come in a fantastic display of themes – there’s Harry Potter, Princess, Battle Royal, Dinosaur, Unicorn, Jungle, Farm, Mermaid, Paw Patrol, Baby Shark and Frozen… the list goes on! Each bundle is made up of approximately two themed balloons and two star shaped foil balloons in vibrant colours to decorate the bunch. Kids are sure to love this special birthday treat. Just imagine the look of happiness as they open up their parcel! Each bundle comes with a personalised message tag to wish the birthday boy or girl a happy day with lots of fun.


 Balloon in Box



For adult birthdays, our inflated Birthday Glitz balloon bundles are ideal for any age anniversary. We offer adult party themed adult balloon bunches too- shop Horse racing, Casino bouquets or 80’s and 90’s retro balloon bundles for a nostalgic surprise perfect for a milestone birthday!



Balloon in Box

Q & A – Inflated Helium Balloons

Now that you’ve read all about the fantastic range of pre-inflated helium balloons we have on offer at Party Packs, take a look at some commonly asked questions.

How much do inflated balloons cost?

Our inflated balloons are fantastic value for money. Cost varies depending on which balloon gift you choose. Prices range from our standard Balloon-in-a-Box, which contains one 18” foil balloon, ribbon, weight and a personalised message card, to our Balloon Bundles, which contain up to five helium balloons! For individual prices, take a look at our Balloon in a Box collection.  

Can I not just order a flat-packed balloon and get it inflated somewhere else?

Absolutely - at Party Packs we stock a fantastic range of uninflated helium balloons that you can arrange to have filled up yourself. However, whilst florists and other businesses might offer a helium inflation service for an extra cost, you’ll then need to find a way to transport the balloons to your home or venue for the event. This can be tricky and you risk putting a tear or puncture in your balloons which can’t be mended! Our pre-inflated balloon products arrive in a sealed and secure cardboard box, delivered right to your doorstep by a courier service, so you don’t have to worry – just relax and enjoy your celebration.

What is the delivery charge for a balloon in a box?

Delivery costs £6.95. We put all inflated helium balloons on a Next Day DPD Delivery service to be delivered to the recipient’s door via courier.
How long will the helium last?

Floatation time of balloons depends on the material or manufacturer – we estimate your inflated foil balloon will float for up to a week and sometimes longer!

Won’t the balloons start to deflate if I order them too early?

Not to worry- at Party Packs, we’ll make sure your balloons arrive with the maximum floatation time! When you place your order online,
We’ll dispatch your order the day before your chosen date on a reliable 24 hour Next Day Delivery service, so your balloons will be freshly inflated with helium and ready to float up to a week or longer!
Will you let me know when you’ve sent my order?

Yes! Once your balloon box leaves us, we’ll send you a confirmation via email with a tracking number. You can then log in to the delivery service app or website to see when your balloon parcel is due to be delivered.

How do I unbox my helium balloons?

Your balloon gift will be delivered in a cardboard box sealed with packing tape. Once your balloons arrive and you’ve accepted the delivery, simply peel back the tape carefully using your hands or a blunt object. It’s important not to use a knife or anything sharp, to avoid puncturing your balloons.

Will the person I’m sending it to be told there’s a balloon inside the box?

If you’re sending a balloon gift to a friend or loved one, it’s sure to be a wonderful surprise! However, we’ll put a clear sticker on the box to let them know to open their parcel with care.

We hope you’ve found this blog useful. Do you have any other questions for us to answer? Let us know in the comments!

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