Keep Calm, You're 90!

Keep Calm, You're 90!

As a child, I can remember birthdays being the greatest thing in the world.

Better than Christmas, because the entire day was just about me, and all the presents I hoped I'd receive.

Then in my teenage years birthdays were great because I got to go out and celebrate them with my friends, and usually a fair amount of alcohol.

However after the excitement of turning 21, my birthdays became a bit uneventful.

I was 28 a couple of weeks ago and this has been the first year that my birthday became 'just another day'.

The next stage will be where it becomes 'just another year'. This is where you've experienced so many birthdays that you struggle to remember how old you actually are.

Since becoming a parent, my little girls birthday is far more exciting than mine. In fact for her first birthday last year, she had three parties. Which she won't even remember!

There is a time when birthdays become a major event again though and that is when you start reaching those big double figure milestones, like 70, 80, 90 and 100.

I watched a programme last week about people who lived to be 100 and it was so inspiring. There was even a man who was still running marathons!

Kate Turner, who owns Party Packs, has shared some photos of her mum celebrating her 90th birthday.

Living to be 70, 80, 90, or 100 is a big reason to celebrate in my opinion and Party Packs now have an age specific birthday section.

So no matter what birthday it is, there is always a reason to celebrate!


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