Lego Birthday Party | Lego Themed Party Ideas, tableware crafts & lego decorations

Lego Birthday Party | Lego Themed Party Ideas, tableware crafts & lego decorations

Lego is one of these kid's toys that never seems to go out of fashion and appeals to both girls and boys of all ages. The simple and colourful designs work really well for party decorations and there are some great low cost products around.

We've got some great lego party ideas you can and you can create some fun crafts out of lego bricks. My friend's daughter Boheme is a massive fan and she absolutely loved here lego party complete with personalised lego decorations.


Lego Party Tableware

This great value lego party pack for 8 contains 1 lego party tablecloth, lego party cups, lego party plates and 16 lego party napkins, all for under £9. You can also buy extra lego plateslego cupslego napkins and lego tablecloths separately. These lego tableware items looked great on the table along with the lego party hats. You could make these lego utensil holders for the knives and forks or get the kids involved and get them to help you out.

lego birthday party


Lego Party Food

The simple design of the lego pieces makes it relatively easy to create lego party cakes or if you have zero cake making skills like me, you could always just put some lego pieces on to a bought cake. Boheme's granny make this fab lego cake. Here's some other fab lego party cake ideas from and Or for the experienced cake maker, how about this brilliant lego party cake from


Personalised Lego Party

Boheme absolutely loved her personalised lego banner complete with her name and age. This lego banner is 1.2m and is an easy way to brighten up a bare wall, doorway or window. These personalised lego party bags are such great value. Your guests will be delighted to receive a bag filled with toyssweets, and even cake!


Lego Party Decorations

This lego happy birthday bunting is 2.4m long so we cut it into a couple of lengths and had it outside as it was a nice day and also strung it over the lego party table. You could also create your own lego party decorations by customising these yellow paper lanterns or lantern garlands. These lego foil balloons look great on their own or combined with lots of plain brightly coloured balloons.


lego themed party ideas


All you need is: yellow paper lanterns, black, yellow and white card/paper, glue stick and tacky glue, scissors and a pencil. It's best to work from a photo or an actual lego head and simply cut out the features and attach to the lantern with glue - spray craft glue works best. You can create lots of different lego heads using different eyebrows and mouths to create the different expressions. You can either have them scattered around on shelves, fireplaces etc or hang them up around the room - they also look great with a lantern light in them. So simple, even I can do it!


Other Lego Party Ideas

I love how these lego party invites open up to reveal the details and they've got lots of space to fill in the information. Obviously lego is the main star of the show, so you could have a tallest lego tower building competition for the younger kids or more advanced lego building competitions for the older kids - best lego house, best lego truck etc. You could put the lego film on for kids to watch or even set up a lego photo booth. For more lego party inspired party ideas visit our lego party Pinterest board. To see the full lego range visit the party packs lego page. Boheme absolutely loved her lego party and we hope you do too!


lego party


  • Charlotte M on

    I love this lego theme, that birthday cake is amazing! My son is obsessed with lego, we pulled off a themed party last year with the help of Dazzle and Fizz and his little face was just priceless.

  • Poptop Children Parties on

    Amazing! Cake looks so delicious.
    I love all the decorations. Where did you purchase Lego Party Hats?

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