Let's Celebrate With Prince Harry And Meghan Markle - May 19th

Let's Celebrate With Prince Harry And Meghan Markle - May 19th

Who doesn't love a good wedding? Well this year will see our very own Prince Harry get wed to the lovely American actress Meghan Markle. Our talented team at Party Packs have designed some of our very own decorations which will be perfect for every street party or celebration being held for this memorable occasion. From life-size cut outs to tableware we literally have everything to make this May memorable.

Harry And Meghan - Wall Decorations

Start by hanging these fun wall decorations either side of your food table or even on your door. Let's be honest, this is a much cheaper way of getting the couple to come to any event. Harry And Meghan Wall Decorations Each banner measures 1.2m long.

Harry And Meghan Standup

If you want to go for something a little more life size then go for this stunning cutout which stands 1.86m tall and 92cm wide. A perfect prop for your outdoor street party where all the guests can have their picture with the lovely couple. Harry And Meghan Lifesize Cutout

Harry And Meghan Decorations

This lovely poster, personalised banner and bunting will look amazing hung in the garden, house or even used at your local street party. Or why not hang this wedding inspired cloth flag in your window, wave these hand flags at the television or just keep the smaller flags for your table decorations. A lovely image and keep sake. 5ft by 3ft Cloth Flag 18" by 12" Cloth Flag     Hand Waving Flags/ Table Flags

Harry And Meghan - Balloons

A great British party should always have balloons, even if they are just hanging at the front door, it's just a very traditional way to let all your guests know where the party is. Hang these fun Harry and Meghan inspired balloons all over the place! Who wouldn't want to add a splash of patriotic colour! H & M - 19th May 2018 Balloons Gold H & M Balloons H & M Foil Balloons I just love the gold H and M balloons. Just having that small amount of gold, will help to break up the red, white and blue which will be the main colours for any patriotic party!

Harry And Meghan - Royal Inspired Face Masks

This is always a great little ice breaker. Why not play a fun game with these! One at a time, put one of these masks on each of your guests. Their aim is to guess what Royal family member they are! Make it hard by limiting them to only 3 questions to really get them having fun! The Royal Family Face Masks

Harry And Meghan - Tableware

Tableware is a must at any British tea party. I mean, when celebrating the wedding of one of our Prince's surely everything with the Union Jack is the only way to go! Great Britain Flag Cups Great Britain Flag Plates Great Britain Flag Napkins

Harry And Meghan - Novelties

And with every British celebration, we have got to have those amazing novelties! From streamers to blow outs, you name it we have it! Moustache Blowout Harry And Meghan Inspired Chocolates Union Jack Waistcoat               80 Piece Novelty Pack   Harry And Meghan Inspired Bubbles

Harry And Meghan - Royal Themed Badges

We all love to take something away from a party, so why not give all of your guests one of these cute badges. With a badge for just about every Royal, you can wear one to show who you like the most.   Here at Party Packs we can't wait for May 19th when Prince Harry weds! So take a look at the full range of Royal wedding inspired products.


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