Merry and Bright - Christmas ideas

Merry and Bright - Christmas ideas

Christmas you say!! Now that Halloween has been and gone for another year, we must start looking at the perfect decorations and ideas for your Christmas party! Now traditional Christmas colours generally include your earthy greens, Rudolph reds and of course glistening golds. So this range would fit perfectly with a traditional party with a very modern twist. Not only is this a perfect range, it will make all of your guests feel Merry and Bright!

Christmas Tableware

Pick from either of these two designs for your plates. Or better still, pick both, have one for your main and one for your pudding. Paper plates are a must when keeping things easy, I mean any excuse to not have to wash up! Candy Cane Stripe Paper Plates - 23cm - Pack Of 8 Red Foiled Merry And Bright Paper Plates - 23cm - Pack Of 8 Add these luscious red Ho Ho Ho napkins or even these Merry and Bright napkins. Red Metallic Foil Stripes Paper Napkins - Pack of 16 Red Foil Merry And Bright Paper Napkins - 33cm - Pack Of 20 Ho Ho Ho Assorted Napkins - 33cm - Pack of 20 I love love love these gold metallic star bauble place holders! A little sparkle with a touch of class is just what these bring. Gold Metallic Star Bauble Place Card Holders - Pack of 6 Remember, it's the small touches that are the most memorable so add these cute candy cane glass decorations! Candy Cane Glass Decorations - Pack Of 10

Christmas Decorations

Let's think classy! Not tacky, which sometimes, when paired up wrong, Christmas decorations can become. If you have ever read any of my blogs, you'll know that clustering decorations in bunches and hanging them everywhere is something that I think is a given at any party. So match all of our 3 colours with these decorations, trust me they are cheap yet go along away! Tissue Pom Poms Gold - 38cm - Pack of 3 Red Pom Pom Value Tissue Decoration - 40cm White Pom Pom Tissue Value Decoration - 40cm

Christmas Party Favours

Put a pair of these Gold foil festive funglasses on each of your guests places, for them to wear whilst tucking into your stunning buffet or three course meal. Gold Foil Festive Funglasses - Pack Of 8 Now I don't know about you, but in my group of friends there is one very messy eater! Make a joke out of it and give them this trendy Christmas jumper bib! I think I'll buy one for myself, mainly because it has the cutest pug on it. Trendy Christmas Jumper Bibs Or if you want to keep it simple, but still within the theme, give everyone a mini Christmas pom pom cone hat. Mini Christmas Santa Pom Pom Cone Hats - Pack Of 6 For more ideas, take a look here.


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