Mexican Fiesta Inspired DIY Wedding Theme Ideas | Brightly Coloured Wedding Decorations

Mexican Fiesta Inspired DIY Wedding Theme Ideas | Brightly Coloured Wedding Decorations

Although I have been to lots of beautiful weddings with a vintage shabby chic theme, I love the idea of something a bit different and a bright Mexican fiesta style wedding theme really appealed to me.

Taking inspiration from Mexican fiestas as well as the bright colours used in Indian and Moroccan style weddings, this will involve lots of brightly coloured turquoise, fuchsia, burnt orange and purple decorations on both the wedding tables and on the marquee. I began my research by looking for brightly coloured wedding themes, but I wanted to make sure I stuck to a colour palette otherwise it might end up looking like a car crash.

I stumbled upon Cinco de Mayo, a Mexican Festival celebrated every year on 5th May and I've taken lots of inspiration from the brightly coloured flags, bunting and flowers used in the brightly coloured Mexican celebrations. Cinco de Mayo commemorates the Mexican army’s 1862 victory over France at the Battle of Puebla during the Franco-Mexican War (1861-1867). Cinco de Mayo traditions include parades, mariachi music performances and vibrant street festivals. I also took inspiration from lavish Moroccan and Indian celebrations with their colourful fabrics, glassware and lanterns. Have a look at our Pinterest board for colourful Mexican Fiesta Wedding theme colours and inspiration.


Look Great - Save Money with a Brightly Coloured Wedding

As well as looking spectacular, one of the benefits of having a brightly coloured wedding theme is that you can be a bit less regimented about everything matching, so you can go all out on decorating your wedding venue. I was quoted over £1000 to decorate the wedding marquee the way I wanted it, so in keeping with our money saving, DIY wedding we have decided to decorate it ourselves.

I think the key to deciding on a theme is of course working out what styles you like, but also will work best with your venue. For example if you have a beautiful old barn, then you can have really simple, natural style decorations and don't have to spend money on swags to cover the roof etc. If, however, you have a slightly worn marquee like me then you need to think about how best to cover/distract from the odd grubby mark.

The height of the venue is also something to take into consideration. Our marquee is quite tall, therefore we need to think about using fabric to create a false ceiling, so it feels more intimate and doesn't feel too cavernous. This is extremely easy to do and can be created with the use of a beam hung from the ceiling and then draping the material over the top. This also saves on the cost of having to cover the whole inside of the marquee. We've decided to use cream/white swags for the ceiling so we can go colour mad on the tables and the sides of the marquee. Luckily it appears that lost of others share my love of brightly coloured wedding decorations and party packs have some gorgeous fiesta decorations in stock.


Mexican Fiesta Wedding Marquee Decorations

The Mexican Fiesta decorations range is perfect to add colour to the wedding using a combination of brightly coloured Mexican bunting and beautiful Mexican Fiesta honeycomb garlands and tissue balls.

This fabulous floral fiesta bunting consists of 4m paper bunting with pink satin lace, 10 flags in 5 different colours. Each flag measures 24cm (9 1/2") x 20cm (8"). This would look great around the outside of a wedding marquee, lining a walkway or even strung along edge of the top table.   

mexican fiesta style wedding ideas and decorations

This quirky mini Mexican fiesta tissue wedding garland in bright pink, green, yellow, purple and orange on a 5 metre ribbon works really well strung along the edges of a marquee and is a perfect match for the other bright Mexican fiesta decorations in the range.


Mexican Fiesta Wedding Table Settings & Decorations

I've gone for a classic Mexican Fiesta colour combination of bright pink and turquoise paper table covers layered on top of each other with burnt orange napkins; hot pink paper paper tableclothturquoise paper table cover with bittersweet orange 2 ply dinner napkins


mexican fiesta style wedding ideas


These pretty metal Moroccan style wedding favour baskets will look great on a Mexican or Moroccan style wedding table, either to hold wedding favours such as sweets or even as candle holders. Or you could tie these boho wedding luggage tags in them and double up as wedding table place names.

mexican fiesta style wedding ideas and decorations


Mexican Fiesta Wedding Chair Decorations

I'm not a massive fan of chair covers and they are also expensive at £1-£2 per chair, which would be £100 of our wedding budget. But I've found the perfect alternative with these bright Mexican fiesta crepe streamers and at 90p per 81ft then they are extremely low cost. As a rough guide, with 4-5 different colours, each chair would require around 1m of streamer so each roll would do 24 chairs. So 4 x rolls of each colour streamer works out at just £14.40 which is not just cheaper but looks so much better than boring chair covers.

I chose the turquoise crepe streamer, orange crepe streamer and purple crepe streamer. I wanted to do a practice run and mock up a wedding table to see what the colours looked like together, so I commandeered my Mum's conservatory table and mocked up my wedding table using some glass bottles and flowers to jazz it up a bit.

mexican fiesta wedding decoration ideas

I used one of the table covers folded in half to go underneath and then used the other one as a runner. And here's my finished wedding table. I absolutely love the bright colours and I think this combination works perfectly together. Once it has more flowers, crockery etc on it I think it will be absolutely perfect for my brightly coloured Mexican Fiesta themed wedding.


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