New Years Eve Party Ideas | Celebrity Masks, Party Food Recipes & New Year Fireworks

New Years Eve Party Ideas | Celebrity Masks, Party Food Recipes & New Year Fireworks

The Christmas shopping (nearly) is done, the Christmas tree is up and the decorations are down from the loft. Time to sit down with a mince pie and a mulled wine in front of the fire and turn our attention to New Year’s Eve. Whether you’re hosting a small gathering at home or hiring a venue for a large event, we’ve got some quick and easy New Year party ideas.

New Year's Eve Celebrity Party

If you’re panicking because you haven’t thought of a NYE party theme yet, how about a celebrity mask party? It's a really easy party theme for guests to get involved in as well as being low cost and loads of fun. You can keep the theme generic i.e celebrities or choose a specific theme based on country, film, sports, TV etc. Here’s our round up of the best celebrity mask themes. Note the slightly scary, dead eyed look of the masks (utterly terrifying in the case of the Mr Bean mask), is rectified once they're on! Each of our celebrity card masks are made from high quality durable card; for an average face size (measuring approximately 300mm x 210mm) and comes with eye holes and an elastic strap. No celebrities were harmed in the making of these masks.  new-years-eve-951750_1920

Villains (we love to hate)

Jeremy Clarkson Mask - Love him or hate him, ex Top Gear presenter, Jeremy Clarkson polarises opinion, so whether you think he is a god amongst petrol heads or an annoying, bouffant haired man-boy, he is sure to be a conversation starter! Simon Cowel Mask - The unnaturally black haired, tight faced, wisecracking TV presenter, music mogul and talent show judge Simon Cowell seems to be showing his softer side in recent years and is no longer the TV villain he once was. Even with his dodgy dress sense and ever rising waistbands, we all love a bit of Simon - even if we pretend we don’t. Piers Morgan Mask - journalist and TV presenter of Britain's Got Talent fame, Piers Morgan is now back on UK TV after the US decided they’d had enough of him. Thanks a bunch America! Watch him around Clarkson or there may be fisticuffs! [gallery link="none" size="full" ids="2682,2683,2684"] Gordon Ramsay Mask - The famously shouty celebrity chief, currently holding 14 Michelin stars, Gordon Ramsay, known for reducing grown men to tears on Hells Kitchen. Watch his potty mouth around the kids! Heisenberg (Walter White) Mask - From the US TV hit Breaking Bad; a popular choice for any fancy dress, halloween or mask party along with co-stars  Jessie Pinkman & Gustavo Fring. He's a whole new level of screen villain! Why not go the whole hog and become Walter White in this amazing Breaking Bad Heisenberg costume? With the infamous yellow hazmat suit and mask you'll look the part for any TV or famous character fancy dress party or even Halloween. It even comes with the gloves and goatee beard to complete your look. George W. Bush Mask - also known as George Dubya, former President of the USA, known for his political gaffs, but not his intellect or grasp of the English language. Wear it if you dare - Dub-ya dare you!   [gallery size="medium" link="none" ids="2687,2689,2685"]

British Comedians

Vic Reeves Mask  and Bob Mortimer Mask  - Vic & Bob are the much loved comedy duo and famed hosts of celebrity gameshow Shooting Stars. Iranu! Uvavu! Everybody will be quoting Vic & Bob catchphrases at you all night. How many can you remember? Ah Ha! It’s an Alan Partridge Mask, the genius comedy creation of Steve Coogan. Alan is star of Radio Norwich, TV show I'm Alan Partridge and film Alpha Papa. Famous for his love of ABBA, Pringle jumpers and cheesy catchphrases, Partridge is loved by all. Kiss my face! Sasha Baron Cohen’s brilliant Kazakhstani reporter Borat is known for his interesting interview techniques and lack of etiquette in social situations. A Borat mask is a great way to really get into character. Simply speak in his distinctive voice and complete the look with one of his characteristic ill fitting suits from a charity shop. I make a joke, yes? Keith Lemon aka Avid Merrion is the host of Celebrity Juice and creator of Bo Selector! Make your New Year's Eve party proper Bo! with this Keith Lemon Mask. Add a ginger wig, fake tan and chest hair for extra Keith Lemon-ness the dance around to his hit 'Proper Crimbo' being as inappropriate as you can. I'm sure everyone will appreciate it. [gallery link="none" size="full" ids="2697,2698,2702"] Mangetout Rodney, Mangetout Tout! This Del Boy Mask will bring out the Derek Trotter in all of us! An 80's and 90s comedy classic. Don't be a plonker and get the Rodney Trotter and Uncle Albert masks too! Agnes Brown Mask - The loud-mouthed Irish matriarch and star of Mrs Brown's Boys, the much loved and hugely popular award winning BBC TV series. Mr Bean Mask legendary comedy character Mr Bean, as portrayed by Rowan Atkinson looks absolutely terrifying in mask form, but will soon return to his bumbling friendly self once you have it on! [gallery size="full" link="none" ids="2704,2705,2703"]

Celebrity Mask Packs

A fantastic set of eight die-cut and embossed half-face masks. These 1/2 masks are also more practical for eating and drinking. All masks arrive strung and ready to wear. Only £10.74 per pack, so that's less than £1.50 per mask! This famous faces mask pack contain an eclectic mix of celebrities:  including Carmen Miranda, Elvis Presley, David Bowie, Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, Dame Edna Everage, Charlie Chaplin and Clint Eastwood. Famous Faces Celebrity Mask Pack Famous Faces Celebrity Mask Pack This Musical Icons Mask pack depicts a range of music legends: Tina Turner, Robbie Williams, Amy Winehouse, Freddie Mercury, Madonna, Elton John, Bob Marley and Annie Lennox. Celebrity Musician Mask Pack Celebrity Musician Mask Pack

Or how about a a naff or Z-List Celebrity themed party? (sorry guys)

"You'll like this ... not a lot, but you'll like it." Not sure we will actually Paul...Add a touch of magic to your party with this card face mask of magician Paul Daniels of course you have to team it with the lovely Debbie McGee Mask. [gallery columns="2" link="none" size="full" ids="2693,2692"] Nigel Farage mask  - A controversial choice, widely ridiculed by the public and press for his chain smoking, beer swilling image - you’re bound to divide opinion on the ex UKIP leader. Or how about a Hoff Mask - David Hasselhoff, nicknamed "The Hoff", is an American actor and singer, best known for his lead roles on the US series Knight Rider, Bay Watch, singing as the Berlin wall went down and strange drunken YouTube videos, not forgetting his legendary song 'Jump in my car' No thanks Dave! [gallery columns="2" size="full" ids="2694,2695"]


fireworks-LOTI Remember we now have a huge range of fireworks with a selection for any sized event. The Pyro Finale firework pack features 8 easy to use cake fireworks with an assortment of different bangs and effects. Or this firwwork pack contains 13 cake fireworks. Don’t forget sparklers for the little ones. We’ve got a great range of sparklers, some you can also use indoors. Something Magical Sparklers, Mini Silver Sparklers and Mini Gold Sparklers Read our fireworks night blog to find out more about which fireworks you should use at your event. Visit our fireworks shop to see the full range Fireworks Display Tips
  • Try to vary it as much as possible. You don’t want to set off all the rockets at the same time, and then all the mines.
  • Think it through beforehand and try to work out where different fireworks will be going off and how long the display will take.
  • Let people look around the sky, so that they’re not just standing staring at the same point for minutes at a time. Three minutes of the same firework is just boring.

New Year Party Recipes

Quick and easy New Year party Canapés appetizer-2802_1920
  • Devils on Horseback – wrap ½ slices of streaky smoked bacon around dates, bake in the oven for 15 mins or until browned
  • Pigs in blankets – wrap ½ slices of streaky smoked bacon around chipolatas, bake in the oven for 15 mins or until browned
  • Stuffing wrapped bacon – mix a packed of sausage meat (or cut open 6 sausages), mix with 1/2 grated onion, a grated apple, minced garlic (you could also add cranberries or chestnuts). Wrap ½ slices of streaky smoked bacon around a 2cm ball of stuffing, bake in the oven for 15 mins or until browned
  • Smoked Salmon Pate – blend a packet of smoked salmon with 2 x tubs of soft cheese with chives and garlic, 2 x tsp of creamed horseradish, ½ squeezed lemon and plenty of cracked black pepper. Refrigerate for at least an hour and serve with crackers or toast
  • Chicken Liver Pate - fry 2 packs of chicken livers in butter with an onion, 3 cloves of garlic and a few splashes of brandy. Blend with cream for a parfait or without for a more traditional pate. Serve with wholemeal toast and chutney
  • Squares of rye bread, crackers or blinis with toppings: Cream Cheese & Smoked Salmon, Prosciutto & Sun dried tomatoes, Mozzarella & Pesto, Cheddar & Chilli Jam, Beef & Horseradish
For other New Year's Eve party ideas see our previous blog posts: A New year's Masked Ball or 1920s Great Gatsby Party Have a fantastic New Years Party! champagne-584072_1920


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