Party hat fun!!

Party hat fun!!

Party hats are an easy and cheap way to add a little bit of excitement to any event. What's great is that anybody can use them whether it's for a child's birthday party, hen party or even a stag do. With lots of colours and designs on offer you can be sure to match them up to any party theme. Here's just a few designs on offer here at Party Packs.

Children's Cone Hats

Pirate cone hat Pirate cone party hats in packs of 8   unicorn Unicorn fantasy hats in a pack of 8 cone hat 2 Balloon design hats              

Polka Dot Cone Hats

Hat 2 Blue Polka Dot cone hat - Pack of 8 hat 1 Pink Polka Dot cone hats - pack of 8 hat 4 Yellow Polka Dot cone hats - Pack of 8              

Adding a splash of colour to your event or even just a dinner party is easy with these. As they come in packs of 8, they are a different way of giving each guest something to wear and keep.

Personalised Cone Hats

This has got to be my favourite party accessory at the moment. Not only can these be personalised with the birthday boy or girls name but we also have a hen party range on offer! hen hat Hen black, silver and pink pack of 12 hats with pink hen personalised sticker! boho hats The Boho design hat sticker has been added to the pink polka dot hat.             hats Jungle personalised cone hats           pixel Pixel blocks themed sticker on our green polka dot hats Check out the other cone hats available at Party Packs.

Other party hat ideas

It's not just the cone hats that can be bought for your event try out these fun headbands and children's themed hats for something a little different. hats 5 Fun sombrero headbands - pack of 8     animal Animal party hats - Pack of 8 And let's not leave our pets out of these events!!! You could even put one on your dog!! Ziggy was having fun celebrating his birthday and he just needed a personalised cone hat....

ziggy 1Happy Birthday Ziggy!

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