Peaky Blinders Party Ideas

Peaky Blinders party

Take a trip back in time to the atmospheric underworld of 1920’s Birmingham with a Peaky Blinders themed party. The glamour and glitz of the ‘roaring 20’s' provides many opportunities for Peaky Blinders themed party outfits, decorations and much more. 

Enjoy a Shelby family get together celebrating their glamorous and garish lifestyle, overflowing with attitude and swagger. Ideal for any event, from birthdays to New Years celebrations, our Peaky Blinders party ideas will bring your Peaky Party to life.

Peaky Blinders party ideas 

Get the look

The Peaky Blinders style has taken over the fashion scene in recent years, with an iconic wool overcoat and suave three-piece pinstripe suit for men. Essential to complete any men’s outfit is the flat cap synonymous with the drama.

A firm favourite is recreating the iconic look of ‘Tommy Shelby’ himself, with a crisp white shirt, waistcoat and long overcoat, teamed with lace up boots and some finishing touches. Style a men’s Peaky Blinder outfit with a distinguished pocket watch, a bow tie and classic black braces for a truly polished look those Peaky boys would have been proud of. 


Peaky Blinders party


An iconic flapper girl costume truly epitomises the glamour and exuberance of the social scene during this era. Think dropped waistline sequinned dresses, fringed hems, and the classic Eton bob hairstyle. For the ladies it’s all about dressing the part, mixing luxurious textures such as sequinned dresses, faux fur shrugs, pearl necklaces and feathered headbands.


Peaky Blinders party fancy dress


1920’s cocktail dresses evoke images of glamorous evenings spent dancing the Charleston and drinking elegant cocktails in a jazz bar. Elegant long satin gloves teamed with a cigarette holder often demonstrated by Aunt Polly, smokey eyes and rouged cheeks complete the iconic look. Dress the part for a glamorous evening, by ‘order of the Peaky Blinders.’


Party games to get in the Peaky spirit

Entertain your guests with some Peaky spirited games. Well known for their love of gambling why not liven things up by adding a roulette table and casino games to the evening. Alternatively hold a race night where guests can place their bets at Shelby’s backstreet bookmakers and have a flutter on a filly or two.

 Peaky Blinders party games


Cocktail making is an ideal way to keep guests entertained and liven up the atmosphere. Recreate the decadent drinks of the era including a sidecar, bees knees or an old fashioned, or simply stick to a classic Irish whiskey as enjoyed in the Garrison Tavern.

 Peaky Blinders party ideas


In addition, music from the Peaky Blinders official soundtrack can help set the atmospheric scene. Guests will be transported back in time, somewhere between the murky cobbled back streets of Birmingham and the glamour of the racetrack.



Set during the 1920’s and 1930’s, Peaky Blinders draws on elements of old Hollywood glamour with its elegant style and decadence for those who could afford it. Add a little glamour to your Peaky Blinders party using a black and gold colour scheme to wow your guests.

Invitations, balloons and background banners can all be used to replicate the glitz and glamour of the Gatsby era, synonymous with the nightlife of the Peaky Blinders. Consider the use of a balloon arch, or two, for a stunning entrance way, and bunting bearing the iconic Shelby family name to really follow through with the Peaky blinders theme.



The use of props really adds to any celebration, giving your guests a true sense of the Peaky Blinders days. Ensure the guests know they are invited ‘by order of the Peaky Blinders’ with a themed invitation card. 

Face masks of the key characters and life-size Peaky Blinder style silhouette cutouts will leave your guests doing a double take. Display in the entrance to greet guests, or use as a selfie photo opportunity.


Peaky Blinders party decorations 

Consider setting the Peaky Blinders party at their regular haunt the races or even down the atmospheric cobbled back streets using a backdrop for photo opportunities. Other props you may want to add include door banners, themed chocolates and posters.


Food & Drinks

Continue your black and gold colour theme using Gatsby style tableware such as napkins, plates, cups and tablecloths. Food and drink options for a Peaky party can range from canapés and nibbles to a sit down meal. Use key phrases of the Peaky Blinders on the menu to really add the finishing touches, such as a tasty ‘speakeasy starter’ or indulgent ‘Peaky pudding.’

Irish whiskey is usually the Shelby gentlemen’s drink of choice, with plenty of alternative options available. Classic cocktails and even a selection of more modern fruity ‘mocktails’ should cater for every taste. Cut glassy tumblers and stylish decanters to serve from look truly decadent, alongside elegant cocktail glasses.

 Peaky Blinders party

Extra tips & tricks

Don’t forget the finer details in order to add swagger and style to your Peaky Blinders party. Look like a true Shelby character with the use of fake cigarettes/cigars, without the added health implications. Party props and wanted posters can also be used for guests to recreate their very own ‘wanted’ selfie posters giving them memories to look back on for years to come.


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