Rugby World Cup 2015 Themed Party



With the Rugby World Cup 2015 coming to England and Wales this year, why not host your own Rugby World Cup themed party?

England are kicking off the Rugby World Cup 2015 in Twickenham against Fiji on Friday 18th September, so it’s a perfect opportunity to get friends together to celebrate. We have everything you need to throw a great party. Browse Party Packs large variety of Rugby World Cup decorationstableware, fancy dress and novelties. Tips for planning the perfect Rugby World Cup 2015 themed party Things to consider Make sure you’ve set up the room beforehand – is the TV big enough and in the right place for everyone to get a good view? Have you got enough seats for all the guests? Maybe get people to bring camping chairs to fit everyone in. Decorations With England and Wales being this year’s Rugby World Cup hosts, England and Wales flags and decorations are a must, so deck the house with flags, bunting, streamers and anything red and white! You can also pick up decorations for other countries’ flags. Rugby World Cup 2015 Flags | Party Packs Rugby World Cup 2015 Flags | Party Packs Or to save time and money our Rugby World Cup Packs combine together all the decorations, balloons and accessories that you need for the perfect Rugby World Cup party! Fancy Dress Why not make it a fancy dress party and ask everyone to dress up in their nation’s colours or national dress? We have fancy dress for many of the qualifying countries including England, Wales, Japan, France, Australia and USA or why not come dressed as a country’s mascot or native animal? Browse our range of international fancy dress for inspiration. Rugby World Cup 2015 England Wig | Party Packs Rugby World Cup 2015 England Wig | Party Packs Food & Drink It’s best to try and get things you can cook and prepare beforehand as you don’t want to be stuck in the kitchen whilst everyone else is watching the match, so make sure you choose food where people can help themselves. Theme your party food and drink around the nationalities of the Rugby World Cup qualifying teams, these include Japan, France, Italy and USA so you can let your imagination run wild! Rugby World Cup 2015 Chocolates | Party Packs Rugby World Cup 2015 Chocolates | Party Packs Make mini rugby ball shaped burgers, mould into shape then decorate with cheese strips or mustard to make the ball markings. For a sweeter option try our delicious rugby ball chocolates. Strawberries dipped in chocolate with white chocolate markings will also look great. Use our grass print table cloths and Rugby World Cup 2015 table flags and serve food and drink on our range of Rugby World Cup flag themed tableware. Each range includes a disposable table cover, plates, cups and serviettes. Games If the excitement of the Rugby World Cup isn’t enough to keep guests entertained we have a few suggestions to get everyone involved. Play our Rugby Quiz at half time – great fun for all ages. Keep kids entertained with a variation on ‘pin the tail on the donkey’ by playing pin the rugby ball in the goal. Use masking tape or cardboard to mark out the posts. Other suggestions include splitting the guests into teams then picking a forfeit or challenge for every try, conversion, penalty awarded to the other team – the possibilities are endless!


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