Spooky Halloween costumes - Get ready for October 31st

Spooky Halloween costumes - Get ready for October 31st

Get ready to scare this Halloween, with our great range of costumes just for the occasion! Whether you're heading out to trick or treat, throwing a Halloween haunted house party or hosting a grand and Gothic Halloween Banquet we've got all the Halloween party costumes you could need right here.

What to wear

There are so many amazing ideas out now that is sure to make anybody jump. I have just selected a few of my personal favourites.

The Witch costume idea

Literally, the most traditional way of dressing up for any lady is to become a witch for the night. A look that is cheap and easy to complete. All you need is a black outfit, broom and a tall pointy hat. Here's the thing. I don't like to be the same as everyone else, so why not team your witches ensemble with this zombie ghost cape. Ok..... Not your traditional witches cape, but I'm sure you'll agree it will finish any halloween costume off. witch You could team this cape with a grey or black long wig!! Adding a dark smokey eye and bright red lipstick, will ensure that your look is complete.

Zombie costumes

Now Halloween doesn't have to be constantly about scary characters that you expect to see in the most recant horror movie, why not transform your favourite character into a ZOMBIE. That's right. Everybody has an old fancy dress costume lying around somewhere. If your on a budget then simply use this, add a few extra holes and give yourself the zombie make-up look. Or if you want to go all out then here's an Alice in wonderland zombie costume perfect for this look. product_83532_1_orig Team this up with striped socks and a blonde wig!!     product_106329_1_orig Why not go for this American footballer zombie!
There's plenty of make up tutorials on the internet that can help with this look. Anybody can do it, trust me.

Day of the Dead themed costumes

My next outfit of choice are these really cool day of the dead inspired costumes. Really, I love these for the intricate make-up that can go alongside them. Like I said before, there are plenty of tutorials online which can help you with the various designs, but really all you need is a bit of white, black and any other colour face paint that you might choose to go alongside the two main colours. product_101646_1_orig Day of the dead doll costume           product_101676_1_orig Day of the dead senor bones costume                        

Trick or Treat

And for the little trick or treaters...... product_106506_1_orig Creepy childrens costume           product_106503_1_orig Childrens bloody harlequin clown costume   product_75466_1_orig Childrens fairy witch costume and tutu                       Our halloween costumes for children range from their favourite characters, to zombies to your traditional witches/vampires. There's lots to think about when picking your halloween outfit this year.. For more ideas visit www.partypacks.co.uk for lots more costume ideas for this Halloween.... Watch this space for more information on how to transform your house ready for any trick or treaters! Save Save


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