St Valentine's Day Decorations & Party Inspiration | Valentine's Day Celebration Ideas

St Valentine's Day Decorations & Party Inspiration | Valentine's Day Celebration Ideas

Ahh love is in the air! Whether you're planning on a romantic night in or a Valentine's Day party with your friends, we've got some gorgeous decorations and tableware to ensure your Valentine's Day event is a romantic love in! We always celebrate St Valentine's Day with friends, so we throw a dinner party to ensure our singleton friends arent left out. This year is no exception and to make it extra special we decided to decorate the dining room with as many hearts and valentine's decorations as we could - there's no such thing as subtle on Valentine's Day! Party packs have a huge range of  beautiful Valentine's Day decorations, tableware and balloons. They also have some great value Valentine's Day party packs to make it even easier to decorate your venue.

Valentine's Day Decorations

This Valentine's Day decorating kit was just what I needed to decorate the dining room and at £8.34 for 9 items, it's incredibly good value. The Pack includes 1 x large red heart tissue garland, 2 x red pom pom decorations, 2 x red and pink hanging decorations and 4 x paper heart fans. I opened the pack and was pleasantly surprised at the size and quality of the decorations and set about putting them together. St Valentines Day Decorating Kit I started with the paper heart fans and they took seconds to unfold and stick together using the double sided tape already attached. They also have string tied on, so are easy to hang up on walls and doors. [gallery columns="2" link="none" size="full" ids="2860,2861"] Then I hung the Valentine's hanging heart decorations up and moved on to the the Valentine's tissue heart garland, which just needed pulling apart - I was pleasantly surprised how long it was and it covered the whole wall! Valentine's Day Hanging Hearts Valentine's Day Hanging Heart Decorations   St Valentines Day Garland St Valentines Day Garland I then started on the Valentine's tissue pompoms. I had never made one before, so must admit it took me a few minutes to work out what to do. Once I got started, it only took a few minutes to pull apart and they looked great hanging over the table. The trick is to pull out each layer of tissue very carefully in order not to rip the paper and then once you are halfway, hang up the pompom in order to continue on the other side. See the steps below: [gallery link="none" size="full" columns="2" ids="2862,2863,2864,2865"]   5. Voila a pretty Valentine's Day tissue pompom 5. Voila a pretty Valentine's Day tissue pompom I then hung up the Valentine's Day paper fans on the door and the wall with the tissue pompoms over the table. They looked great against the white walls with the door knob and hinges acted as convenient hooks. 11-IMG_0767 Once I'd added the hanging Valentine's heart decorations simply added a heart shaped Valentine's foil balloon  - only £1.86, to complete the look. It all looks so pretty together and only cost £10.20 - such good value! Valentine's Day Balloon

Valentine's Day Tableware

As we were having friends over and didn't want to have to worry about washing up, we decided to use these pretty heart design Valentine's Day plates and napkins. The Valentines Day heart paper plates are only £1.50 for 8 and Valentine's Day heart paper napkins £1.38 for 16. 16-IMG_0821 We also used a red paper table cover  at £2.82 which we folded to use as a table runner.  You can see the full Valentine's Day tableware range here including matching tablecloth £2.70 and paper heart cups 8 for £2.50. 15-IMG_0806 To complete the romantic Valentine's Day vibe, we  sprinkled Valentines pink foil heart confetti £1.38 and valentines rose petals 60 for £2.70 over the table. You can see the full Valentines Day confetti range here. I couldn't resist these cute Valentine's Day chocolates and at only 18p each they are a low cost and effective way to add a special touch. I liked the mix of colours so chose them in fushia, red and pink Fuchsia Valentines heart chocolatesRed Valentines heart chocolatesPink Valentines heart chocolates  17-IMG_0822 I'm so happy with how it all looks and I know our friends will appreciate the effort I've gone to. It only cost a total of£21.06, so it's all incredibly good value and the decorations can be used again or re-cycled and used for wedding decor as well! To win this gorgeous Valentine's Day Decoration pack worth over £20 with everything shown, including decorations, tableware, confetti and chocolates, simply count the number of chocolates shown in the close up photo of the chocolates above and tell us who you would invite to your dream Valentine's Day date or party. You can tweet your answer and dream date to @partypacks with the hashtag #ValentinePartyPacks or visit our facebook page and comment on the competition post. Competition ends Wednesday 3rd February. For more Valentine's Day party ideas, visit our Valentine's Day Pinterest board. 18-IMG_0802v2

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