Stag Party Fancy Dress Costume & Party Ideas

Stag Party Fancy Dress Costume & Party Ideas In the words of Martin Clunes - 'This is my stag night; I shall be acting like a stag'. Although it’s not my stag night, it’s yours. But it’s certainly a good philosophy to live by. The question is, while acting as a stag, what are you going to do with yourself? This stag night after all (if all goes well) will be the only one you’ll ever have, so you better make the most of your last night of (proverbial) freedom. Whether you want to make your stag party memorable, unique or just have a good time, this article should help you with some ideas for the night from the simple and understated to the loud, proud and in-your-face.

1.      Acting like a Stag

Follow the wise words from Men Behaving Badly – don your antlers and take the night head on, quite literally, with a set of stag antlers; a subtle costume for a stag party if you don’t feel inclined to wear anything more daring but still want everyone to know you and your fellow stags are out for a good time. A large group of men parading around the town with a large antlers is bound to get the ladies attention and you won’t have any trouble being spotted while queuing at the bar or trying to find your mates in the throng of party goers. stag-antlers-64340-1 For something slightly more lairy (and to stop people thinking you’ve just dressed up as a reindeer for Christmas) you could always pop on a full stag mask – these are bound to get some attention, but they might hinder your drinking abilities and cause a bit of a head-sweat once the night kicks into full swing!

2.      Matching Outfits

Stags are generally out to party for one reason – to support the groom in his journey towards imprisonment marriage. The boys are there for moral support, a united front, but most importantly – to have a good time. One great way to get some laughs and cause some mayhem before the party has even started is to get everyone to dress up in matching costumes. Imagine if you will, a Friday night in one of Britain’s many wonderful towns. Everyone is out having a good time, when suddenly a bunch of Gorillas turn up wandering the streets in search of a refreshing beverage. 10 or more men in a Gorilla costume, wandering in unison, buying drinks at the bar, frequenting the men’s toilets, ordering kebabs from the local takeaway - you and your stags will certainly be an unusual sight to see!


Of course it doesn’t necessarily have to be Gorillas, but since we aren’t far removed from our furry friends, it’s a perfectly logical choice. And let’s face it;  you’ll probably be spending the night acting a bit like a monkey anyway. There’s an added bonus too – with everyone sporting the same outfit (including facemask) it’ll be difficult to tell one stag from the next, leading to some hilarious consequences and no doubt, plenty of shenanigans.

3.      Mr Pink, Mr Yellow, Mr White…

Every man of a certain age (and disposition) is aware of the classic film by Quentin Tarantino. Like the iconic Beatles Abbey Road album cover, The Reservoir Dogs look has been recreated many times over the years since it was filmed. As a stag party it’s a great look and easy to achieve. All you need is matching suits, simple crisp white shirts, thin black ties and sun glasses. A few tooth picks, some slick-backed hair and a bad attitude will bring an air of cool to your stag party and make all the boys feel awesome. We wouldn’t recommend cutting anyone’s ears off though!

4.      Gangsters in Arms

Another excellent costume choice for any stag party is the classically popular ‘gangster’ outfit. There’s a range of styles to choose from, so it gives your fellow stags and party goers a range of choice.   White, black, pin stripe or even shiny, these outfits will make the boys feel like the mobsters they’ve never dared to be. The addition of a fake Tommy gun, a big cigar and a hat with really finish their outfit off and they’re bound to get some attention from the girls!


5.      Cross-Dressing and Being a Dame

Some stags set out with the intention of being embarrassing, daft or just plain silly. The groom-to-bed gets forced to wear a bra, knickers, dress and a brightly coloured wig and spend the night dragging a ball and chain around with him. It’s not really prophetic but might have some accidental deeper meanings that we’d not really like to consider. Whatever it is, this stag party costume idea is certainly daring. Of course not all stags will feel comfortable in a dress and some might be a little bit too comfortable, but if everyone joins in it can lead to an enjoyable evening of fun and frolics that you’ll all certainly remember if nothing else. Cinderfella is a great example costume that’s ridiculously over the top.

6.      The Mankini

From the daring, to the highly-inappropriate, possibly offensive and definitely amusing Mankini. This fancy dress outfit was made famous by Sacha Baron Cohen in the movie Borat and has since gone on to scar the minds of many innocent people across the world. It doesn’t leave much to the imagination and we aren’t even sure if we can recommend wearing it out in public for fear of public indecency charges, but it’s certainly a good way to raise a few eyebrows. borat-mankini-86206-1 If nothing else, the Mankini will have the girls in fits of giggles.

7.      Superheros or Superzeros?

You won’t exactly be out on the streets fighting crime, but you are out to have a good time. So why not do so in style? Every man is secretly a boy at heart and what boy doesn’t dream of being a superhero? Whether you’ve always wanted to be Batman, Superman or just a trusty side-kick, these outfits are a great way for your band of merry stags to co-ordinate their fancy dress for a fun-packed night out full of shenanigans and superhero antics. Just don’t go out and try to fly, leap any tall buildings or arrest criminals or it could all end in misery! official-robin-costume-92495-1

8.      Something for the Scotsman

If you’re Scottish or just a wee bit mental, then this next stag party costume is bound to go down a treat. It’s a bit of traditional style outfit with a twist. Many women have wondered whether men wear anything under their kilt, well now you can put that mystery to bed (so to speak) by giving them a quick flash. The ‘Well-Hung Highlander’ costume is bordering on offensive, but it’s also pretty damned hilarious in our book. So if you and your stags are out on the lash and you think there’s a danger that you might flash, why not do it with a fake willy? well-hung-highlander-costume-87754-1

9.      Follow the Leader

The main focus of the stag party should really be on the main man, the groom-to-be, the future Mr to her Mrs. But how that plays out at a stag party may differ from party to party. Some men like to humiliate the main stag and make him the butt of every joke, dress him up in drag and tie him up at the end of the night in nothing but handcuffs to some lamppost in the middle of nowhere, but others like to make the main man the centre of attention. If you want your head stag to feel special, then you can encourage the other stags to follow suit. Find a set of fancy dress outfits that make it clear who the boss is. For example, have everyone dress up as robbers and him as an Indian or get everyone else wearing convict uniforms and him as a police officer or maybe something more daft – everyone else dressed as beer bottles, then dress him up as a mug or pint glass.

10. Head Teachers

You’ll certainly be learning a thing or two on your stag night out and about town, so dressing up as a teacher might be a good giggle. Bear with me here… teachers-gown-65635-1 Imagine, if you will, a Friday night in your local town or city. There’s bound to be some boisterous girls out on their hen party or just dressed up for the fun of it. You can guarantee at least one of those groups will be dressed up as naughty school girls – and who better to see than a band of strict professors and maths lecturers! So there you have it, our top recommendations for stag party fancy dress ideas. If you’ve seen any amusing outfits while on your travels or have been to a cracking stag party yourself, why not share the costumes with us and let us know what else you enjoyed. Be sure to check back soon for more stag party ideas!     *please note – Party Packs in no way condones the use of violence or corporal punishment. Please take this article with the good humour with which it was intended!


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