A Step-By-Step Guide To Trick-Or-Treating | Trick-or-Treating Costumes For Kids

A Step-By-Step Guide To Trick-Or-Treating | Trick-or-Treating Costumes For Kids

If it’s your first time Trick-or-Treating, or you need some fresh ideas for your fancy dress costumes, sweets and accessories, just follow these 5 easy steps for the perfect Trick-or-Treating experience.  

Step One – Fancy Dress

The most exciting part of Trick-or-Treating is the spooky fancy dress. You can pick from any of the usual suspects, such as vampires, witches or ghosts – or you can choose something totally original like a movie character or even your own creation! Why not try coordinating the whole family with a group theme?   [gallery size="large" columns="5" link="none" type="none" ids="3964,3965,3966,3967,3968" orderby="rand"]

Step Two – Loot Bag

Ghosts don't have pockets! So make sure you have a Halloween themed loot bag for your Trick-or-Treating excursion. Match your loot bag to your costume for the best effect, like a cauldron for a witch costume, a haunted graveyard bag for a zombie, or a white pillow case for a ghost!   00510 Halloween Treat Bags - £1.02 Each  

Step Three – Lights

It’s important to stay safe when you’re out and about in the dark, so make sure you have a bright torch to light your way. You might also want to think about lighting your own home’s pathway to keep your fellow trick-or-treaters safe as well.   HLPK-15~Halloween-Pumpkin-Fairy-Lights-Spooky-Orange-On_P1 Pumpkin Lights - £5.94  

Step Four – Halloween Treats!

If you are going Trick-or-Treating with your kids this Halloween, it's very likely that kids will come to your door too! Make sure you’re stocked up with sweets, snacks and toys for the other kids in the neighbourhood. You can get creative with some homemade treats, such as this delectable Ghost Bark, Pumpkin Favours, or adorable Bat Bites!   [gallery type="none" link="none" size="full" ids="3952,3953,3954" orderby="rand"]   Another simple idea is to make your own treat packs – all you need is some halloween cello bags, some sweets or chocolates like pumpkin balls, and a portion of exciting Halloween favours:   [gallery type="none" link="none" size="medium" ids="3960,3961,3975" orderby="rand"]

Step Four – Spooky Songs

There are lots of songs and poems that kids will love to memorise and sing along the way – you can even make up your own! Here is a great little song you can sing at the door: Trick or Treat! Trick or Treat! Give me something good to eat. Give me candy. Give me cake. Give me something good to take.  

And most importantly…

Have fun! Halloween can be an enjoyable experience for the whole family – so long as you've followed these 5 easy steps, you can have a spooktacular Halloween too!   lamp-halloween-lantern-pumpkin small Visit our Pinterest page for links to some of the pictures used above and for more ideas on Halloween parties: Pinterest-logo Save


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