Summer Picnic Ideas | Best of British Party & VE Day Celebrations

Summer Picnic Ideas | Best of British Party & VE Day Celebrations

Is that sunshine I see? Is Summer on it's way? Quick let's have a picnic before it rains! We had the first picnic of the year last week and hope it's the first of many to come. It was a perfect opportunity to try out this lovely range of Union Jack tableware and patriotic decorations from Party Packs. So off we went down to the local park and enjoyed a couple of hours of glorious spring sunshine eating our delicious picnic on our fabulous union jack tableware. We had lots of comments of how pretty it all looked and we'll definitely be using the union jack plates, cups, flags and hats to celebrate all the great events coming up this year. We've got VE day Victory in Europe Day coming up on May 8th. VE Day is the public holiday celebrated on 8 May 1945 to mark the formal acceptance by the Allies of World War II of Nazi Germany's unconditional surrender of its armed forces. It's a great excuse for a party and to embrace your patriotic side with all things red white and blue. Then the Queen's 90th Birthday celebrations throughout the year. The Queen's actual birthday is on the 21st April and there are further events from 12th-15th May and 10th-12th June including trooping of the colour birthday parade and The Patron’s Lunch. But to be honest we love any excuse to get patriotic, wave our Union Jack flags and celebrate the best of British food and drink! It doesn't take long to whip up a tasty picnic. Here are my essential picnic ingredients:
  1. Sandwiches - we took cucumber ones as they are quick to make. Don't forget to pat the cucumber dry beforehand or they will go soggy
  2. Strawberries - a picnic essential and kids love them!
  3. Something green - cucumber sticks, celery or some crunch lettuce like cos or little gem are great and good for scooping up dips
  4. Quiche or tortilla - keeps and travels well and also tastes great cold
  5. CAKE - well it wouldn't be a picnic without cake would it? We took some simply jam and cream butterfly cakes and scones yum yum!
Union Jack Tableware   We used this great range of Union Jack tableware as it's both pretty and practical. So we loaded up our picnic basket with our food and the Union Jack tableware, not forgetting the Union Jack bunting, Union Jack flags and Union Jack cone hats for that truly British party experience. Despite being tested throughly, both the tablecloth and tableware didn't get soggy and in fact with a wipe down would be fine to use again for another event. Union Jack paper cups We use the Union Jack paper cups for our drinks and for cups of fruit and celery sticks which worked really well and was easier than taking lots of separate pots and tubs. At 8 cups for only £1.50 each cup works out at around 19p so excellent value for money. We were also impressed with the Union Jack paper plates as they were quite sturdy and didn't go floppy like some other cheaper ones do. Again at only 30p each they are great value and fitted perfectly in our picnic basket. As we were feeling like celebrating the sunshine and we felt a bit silly we decided that these Union Jack party hats would be fun. They would be perfect for the Queen's birthday party or VE celebrations as well and can easily be reused. You get 6 Union Jack party hats for £1.62 so that's a bargain at 27p each. Union Jack Cone Party Hats Well it wouldn't be a patriotic picnic without Union Jack flags and bunting. We found these excellent value Union Jack flags for 30p each and because they're made of PVC they're waterproof so useful for the British weather. We're keeping hold of ours for VE day and the Queen's birthday celebrations. We all love a bit of Union jack bunting and we even took some to the park with us! Again this is waterproof and can be reused time and time again.  This Union Jack bunting is £2.70 for 10 flags 152mm x 108mm, overall length 2.44m, I also couldn't resist these cut Keep Calm and eat cake cake picks which look fab in our butterfly cakes. You get 20 for £2.22 and if you give them a wipe, they can be reused at your next party. Kep Calm cake picks Other great items in the Keep Calm tableware range include these great Keep Calm name place cards for your glasses. Perfect for celebrating the Queen's Birthday or at a VE Day party. Keep Calm Glass Place card Or alternatively these Keep Calm wine glass stem markers are great for identifying your glass at your Summer garden party or Queen's birthday party. Keep Calm Glass Markers Other great items in the Union Jack range include Union Jack Ice Cream Tubs pretty Union Jack Cake Picks Union Jack Cake Picks   You'll be pleased to hear it didn't rain and will hopefully be having many more picnics in the months to come. Now we've tried and tested all this fab British tableware we will be reusing it for a British Street party and all the other great British parties coming up this year. Here are my British Summer Picnic top tips:
  1. Think ahead - bring extra carrier bags for rubbish and to sit on in case of wet grass...and a brolly just in case!
  2. Bring a picnic blanket or why not use a plastic backed paper tablecloth to save on space
  3. Don't forget to bring napkins or kitchen roll for sticky fingers
  4. Remember to bring a knife for cheese etc and a bottle opener for the wine!
  5. Take a bottle of water for thirsty children and dogs
For our full range of patriotic party supplies and Union Jack tableware visit our website. See the Queen's 90th Birthday Party range for decorations, tableware and balloons. You can also take a look at our Best of British Pinterest board which is full of great recipes, British party ideas and inspiration to help you have a GREAT British picnic this summer.

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