Thanksgiving - 3 ways!

Autumn is here! The heating is turned on and our coats have been dug out of the cupboard. This can only mean one thing... the beginning of the holiday season, and it all kicks off with Thanksgiving! This national holiday celebrated in the US and Canada, is not commonly celebrated holiday in the UK... But who needs an excuse to get together with friends and family for some fun festive feasting.

Thanksgiving is the celebration and giving of thanks for the harvest. We thought it befitting to give you 3 ways to dress the table for your feast. These are sure to impress your guests!


1 Dinner Table- 3 Thanksgiving Decoration Ideas


Cool Kids!

Whilst there's plenty of fab Autumn craft projects to occupy the kids on a Sunday afternoon. When it gets to sitting still at the table for 5 Minutes, that's a whole other story. Because we all want a smooth delivery, why not set the tiddlywinks up on their own table and decorate with our festive fun Thanksgiving décor. Cover the tables with Autumn themed table wear. These Turkey place cards are a humorous addition, this will undoubtabley get them squawking! The children are sure to enjoy using these mini plastic bottle with lids and most of all they're perfect for a "no mess" (you can dream) drink option. Fill these with a warm Autumn mulled apple juice- yum! Finally, when all else fails- keep them entertained for the duration with this printable Thanksgiving themed colouring in placemat.

For this look I have used...
Yellow Tissue Fan (3 pack)
Golden Yellow Luncheon Napkins
Bitter Sweet Orange 9inch Paper Plates
Golden Yellow 9inch Paper Plates
White Plastic Cutlery
Autumn Leaves (pack of 8)
Create this look by laying the Thanksgiving table runner and sprinkle confetti. Place the Tissue Pumpkins in the centre with the Pop-over Harvest centrepiece and toss with the fabric autumn leaves. Set the table with our printable colouring-in placemat and lay the paper plates and napkins and plastic cutlery on top along with a mini plastic bottle and straw. Super simple! Mark each place setting with the turkey place-mates and your done. So easy even the little ones can help!

Awesomely Autumny

For a more adult affair try this warming colour pallet which will unquestionably set the scene for the perfect Thanksgiving dinner. Choose our Autumn fabric table runner to give a splash of cosy colour  and add some pizzazz with sprinkles of Autumn leaf confetti and LED tea lights. Our DIY Thanksgiving wreath, a combination of hessian and sparkle leaves, is the perfect centrepiece for any table. Set the table with our Autumn leaf tablewear and tissue pumpkins- by adding name tags you can use these as place settings too-genius. Finish  up with a Thanksgiving decorations like a sign, tissue Pom Pom and fans ...and relax- just don't forget the turkey!     Autumn Theme Thanksgiving  
For this look I have used...
Start with your fabric  table runner and  sprinkle with confetti. Lay both the Leaf Garlands over the table runner to add a little texture. Half fill the plastic wine glasses with remaining confetti and add an LED tea light and place along or around the table. Use the large Tissue Pumpkins as decoration for the centre of the table and add the vintage affair name sticks to the small ones for place-names. Now all that's left is to set the table with our paper plates, cups and napkins, tarted up with a fabric autumn leaf on each plate for decoration...stylish but still no washing up...score!

Stylish and Simple

If your after a more toned down sophisticated look this natural theme is for you. Pairing hessian as a place mat or table runner with this Autumn leaf garland and a string of LED lights creates a subtle look for your Thanksgiving dinner. Add some sophistication with these baroque gold plates as place settings. Pair our twine with these vintage luggage tags for a quick and easy DIY place-card- aren't they cute! Autumn leaves are perfect as coasters for your mulled wine- our plastic wine glass is a wise choice for when the hooch hits home but still look super chic. Combine the gleam n burst centrepiece with your Bouquet for some added seasonal sparkle. Wrap your cutlery in napkins and tie with twine for a rustic look...wrap lavender and flower jars- grab some hessian and twine and get twiddling to create this look.  

stylish and rustic Thanksgiving table decoration

For this look I have used...
Golden Yellow Luncheon Napkins
For this look I have edged an existing table runner with the Hessian ribbon. For ease and a more rustic look I would recommend using the hessian table runner. Lay the Autumn leaf garland on top and intertwine with the LED string lights and  Raffia Roll. Add a vase of seasonal coloured flowers and add the Gleam 'n' Burst  centrepiece for a bit of sparkle...alternatively the Gleam 'n'  Burst centrepiece looks great on its own, place in an empty jar and wrap in the Hessian Roll and tie with the Raffia. place the tissue pumpkins around the table to add a seasonal touch. Use the baroque gold plates as a place setting and place the white paper plates and yellow napkins on top. Wrap the raffia in a circle a couple times and tie a bow in the centre, add a Vintage Affair Cupcake Stick through the middle as a place-name. Wrap your cutlery in napkin and tie with the raffia. Finally use the Autumn Leaves around the table or as coasters for the plastic wine glasses...fill glasses with mulled wine and your set!
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